Anastasia Beverly Hills, aka the brand EVERY brow queen loves, has been expanding it's beauty empire. With the huge success of the glow kits, liquid lipsticks, and contour kits, ABH transformed the way we all make up our faces in 2017...

And, according to these sneak peeks, Anastasia's creative geniuses are just getting started.

Yesterday, sneak peeks showed that Anastasia Beverly Hills is launching it's first ever powder bronzer in 2018!

And I mean, this super-sleek and chic packaging is EVERYTHING. 

Fans are very excited for this one. 

photo: Giphy

Since there are six shades of the bronzer, WOC have very high expectations. 

"Pleaaseee have a dark shade. Pleaassee."

"Yasssss please have dark shades."

They're saying that if the darkest shade doesn't work on YouTuber Nyma Tang, they aren't really here for it. 

"But the darkest shade needs to be as dark as the contour palette."


"If the darkest shade doesn't work on Nyma Tang I am not tryna see it, tbh."

True, again. 

But fans also want the perfect shade for fairer skin tones too. 

"They better have one pale enough."

Anastasia better be creating MAGIC, because people have high expectations. 

photo: Giphy

The bronzers are set to launch in March, so start saving those pennies.

We'll update this post when we know more.