Tuning into Vogue's celebrity skin-care and makeup routine videos has officially become one of our favorite pastimes. The always luxurious, A-list content is a constant provider of some serious beauty inspo, and it often leaves us daydreaming about the days that we, too, will be rich and famous. 

So when one of our favorite YouTube verticals and one of our favorite new HBO series, Euphoria, combine, what's the result? An Alexa Demie makeup guide that finally teaches us how to master her signature cat eye, seen on just about every episode of the show.

Maddy Perez is a makeup icon on Euphoria.

Every single week we eagerly anticipate what the Euphoria bad girl will serve next, both on her body and on her face. And though she wows us every time, we know we can almost always count on a bold pastel or a glitter-filled eye, a dramatic baby pink blush flush, and of course, a high-as-the-sky liner wing. Just last week she had a full-blown rhinestone cat eye. 

And while Perez is totally fab, so is the actor behind the character, Alexa Demie. 

So it's only appropriate that the real-life makeup lover teamed up with Vogue for a makeup tutorial. In the 13-minute video, the breakout star broke down her go-to makeup look and the products she relies on to make it happen. 

"Alexa Demie shares her '90s glam makeup tutorial and how she gets the perfect winged liner, every single time," the publication wrote on its YouTube channel. 

Of course, she had to demonstrate her cat-eye routine.

Using the Pat McGrath Labs Perma Precision Liquid Eyeliner ($32, Sephora), Demie gave us the step-by-step on how to create the eye look she swears by both on- and off-screen. 

"I start at the outer corner of my eye, I like a really pointed look. I don't like it too curved up," she said, beginning with light strokes to create an outline of the outer wing.  

But then she makes it thick, hunny. 

"I just follow my eye here, but it needs to be really pointy," she said while making the wing thicker and bringing it in across the width of the eye. Demie layered across the application time and time again to make sure that it was bold and dark for a standout look. 

Then she cleans the line with a little spit on a cotton swab.

After putting a small swab in her mouth and slobbering it up just a bit, she drags it across the side of the wing to ensure a sharp and clean bottom edge. 

"So I just start like that, and I always get a Q-Tip and pull it like that," she said. 

Who needs makeup remover when you have your own saliva at a fraction of the price? We stan a resourceful queen. 

And voilà! 

After adding a little liner on the inner corners for added drama, the eye look was complete! 

"I bring the inner corners in to give me, like, that fierce jaguar look," the actress said. Needless to say, we'll surely be trying this look for ourselves, but we can only hope for the same luck that Demie has. Shop Demie's favorite eyeliner below!

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