photo: Disney

"Alice In Wonderland" is a classic that will never, ever die — and beauty lovers are about to be incredibly happy about how the novel and film get revived *just* for their makeup bags.

The brand Flawless Lighting just revealed its "Alice In Wonderland" makeup brush set, and it's about to drive you bonkers!

The "Alice In Wonderland"-inspired brush set ($40, Flawless Lighting) comes with five brushes boasting handles that are reminiscent of details from the movie.

Three of the brushes meant for eye shadow blending have charms on the handles that include a rabbit, the Mad Hatter's hat, and a red heart for the Queen of Hearts with an "A" in the center for Alice. 

The foundation and highlight brushes have charms on the stems, which are the clock and teapot from the movie! 

The entire set comes with this pretty pink and gold makeup pouch for safekeeping.

Who's ready for a flawless beat in the name of our shero Alice!? 

photo: Giphy

The brush set is available right now on the Flawless Lighting website, but you'd better hurry before these beauties run out faster than Alice fell down the rabbit hole. 

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