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Let's face it, bare skin is in right now. And while the love that many of us have for makeup will never fade, some celebrities are committing to wearing less and less. Alicia Keys is, of course, one of those celebrities. And on Sunday when she took the stage to host the 2019 Grammys, we all wondered how her skin stayed so glow-y and clear without makeup. 

To find out, we dug up a 2016 article from W Magazine in which her makeup artist, Dotti, told the website how much it really cost Keys to go makeup-less. The price tag was hefty, and it might make you think twice before tossing your makeup stash. 

In 2016, Alicia Keys proudly proclaimed she'd stopped wearing makeup and has mostly stuck to that promise since.

The singer-songwriter has spent the past three years without heavy makeup. She let everyone know that she didn't want to "cover up anymore," and we've barely seen her with a lick of makeup since. 

And since her announcement, we've been gawking at her seemingly flawless skin. 

It's like there's no blemish or eye bag in sight. Her effortless glow paired with her undone brows and freckles made us all but forget that she gets quite a lot of help in the skin department (like all celebrities do).

However, for most of us, going makeup-free just isn't that simple.

Not wearing makeup when you've got skin-care professionals and thousands of dollars to spend on skin products can come off as not so much brave but judgmental. Anyone with chronic acne will attest to this.

And though, yes, you won't catch Keys in a full beat with foundation and all the trimmings, she does have a makeup artist. 

Even the makeup-less musician relies on a makeup artist to make her radiate at award shows such as Sunday's Grammys. And contrary to popular belief, the cost to go makeup-free is actually higher than it is to wear makeup in the first place.

Meet Dotti, the woman responsible for Keys' skin. She created an intense regimen for the singer when she pledged her makeup ban a few years back.

The celebrity makeup artist leading the #nomakeupmakeup movement has worked with Keys for years. In 2016, she sat down with W Magazine to spill the tea about what goes into creating glowing skin without the help of makeup. 

Let's just say, her no-makeup routine comes out to almost $500.

Herbivore Jade Facial Roller ($30, Sephora)

“I stick a jade roller in ice, so it’s basically freezing when I roll it over her skin. I really, really work into all those areas where I want blood and water and energy brought to the surface. It brings her skin to life, it practically makes her skin say, 'Hi. I love you,'" Dotti told W.

MV Organic Skincare 9 Oil Cleansing Tonic ($90, MV Skincare)

She said that MV Organic Skincare is a staple in her kit to create an effortless no-makeup look. She often bases Keys' skin with the MV 9 Oil Cleansing Tonic.

MV Organic Skincare Pure Jojoba Oil ($10, MV Skincare)

She also uses the brand's pure jojoba oil. “It’s so close to the natural sebum we produce in our skin. [Keys] loves their body oil, too.”

Eminence Organic Skincare Clear Skin Probiotic Masque ($54, Dermstore)

Masking, she says, is also essential to healthy skin. One of her masks of choice is the Eminence Clear Skin Probiotic Masque, packed with vitamin E and C to eliminate dirt and impurities from Keys' pores.

SK-II Facial Treatment Mask ($135, Sephora)

photo: SK-II

Her second choice of mask is the SK-II Facial Treatment Mask, an award-winning treatment that is drenched in as much pitera (an anti-aging powerhouse ingredient) as the brand's 30 mL Facial Treatment Essence.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Definer ($23, Sephora)

Dotti also said that on some occasions she may give a light fill to Keys' brows with the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Definer, for just a bit more fullness. 

Vita Liberata Self Tanning Anti-Age Serum ($45, Dermstore)

Instead of the traditional bronzer, Dotti applies the Vita Liberata Self Tanning Anti-Age Serum on the cheekbones for a glow. 

Mally Face Defender ($40, Mally)

photo: Mally

Of course Keys finds herself under the spotlight quite often, so to combat shine, Dotti will often apply a small amount of this Mally mattifier. 

So, uh, don't feel bad if you don't want to go makeup-less, because it still requires a lot of time and money.

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Specifically, it costs you many hours and about $500 of product every couple of months. I think I'm still going to keep my foundation and eye shadow around. 

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