Youtube Star Alissa Ashley was excited to face one of her biggest insecurities by getting her eyebrows microbladed for first time — but unfortunately she was in for an unpleasant surprise. 

"My brows have always been an insecurity of mine because they’re so thin and I can’t grow them," she said during a YouTube vlog about her experience. “I’ve always wanted [microblading] but I’ve always been, like, scared. I’ve always been scared.” 

Sadly, Alissa Ashley's fears were realized, but it actually all went down AFTER the cosmetics procedure.

While Alissa Ashley didn't expect the pain she felt during the microblading session, everything did go smoothly in-office.

“In terms of the pain of the microblading, there were definitely some strokes that hurt a lot. I actually started tearing up," she said.  "There’s a little scrape and you can hear the scrape. It’s definitely something you have to prepare for because I thought it wasn’t going to hurt at all. It was bearable but it was definitely different.”

This is Alissa Ashley's final microblading result fresh out of the chair. 

"I got them done, go home, everything’s fine. I did what she told me to do. I put the triple antibiotic on it. And then I was supposed to add ointment on it and everything’s good.”

It wasn't until several hours after Alissa Ashley began the recommended post-microblading maintenance that things took a turn.

"I wake up and I look at my face in the mirror and I was like, ‘Something looks different. My eyes!'”

The entire area around her eyebrows and over her eyes was red and completely swollen. 

And this was only the beginning.

Hours later, the sides of her face also began to break out and redden.

The eyebrow specialist — who Alissa Ashley notes was extremely helpful and communicative throughout the whole ordeal — informed Alissa that it could be "an allergic reaction to the numbing cream that’s just now catching up to my face or it could be the Neosporin." 


After cleansing her face of the potential irritants, Alissa Ashley's eye area still went numb and swelled until her eyes nearly looked like small slits the next day.

“It feels really heavy and not that comfortable," she described during her vlog.

At that point, she understandably decided to take a trip to the emergency room. 

The doctors determined her eyes were experiencing a "really, really bad allergic reaction." 

"I was relieved because I was just fearful of it being an infection. I feel like an allergic reaction goes away for a couple days, whereas an infection can do some damage."

The doctors gave her Benadryl and prescribed her another type of medication. 

A little prescribed medication later and Alissa Ashley's swelling started to gradually go down. 

Unfortunately, Alissa Ashley believes the swelling disrupted the microblading ink. Check out how her initial microblading looked compared to how it looked a few days after her hospital trip.

"I thought they were going to last and be OK but I feel like the allergic reaction pushed out the ink," she said. "They basically look the same from when I started so essentially all that trauma and trouble was for nothing because it didn't really last."

Thankfully, Alissa Ashley is feeling much better AND still able to snatch her brows like a pro using makeup!

Alissa Ashley offered the best advice to her followers and it only makes sense to echo it: 

Do some research before jumping into microblading, people! Not every experience will be the same so it's best to get all the information you need beforehand so you know how to proceed. 

May we all live in peace and snatched brow harmony.

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