Alissa Ashley is on the makeup move again, so prepare yourselves, people!

She dropped a rosy nude lip gloss ($6, e.l.f.) with e.l.f. Cosmetics in 2017 to the excitement of her many beauty fans. And now, she's teasing yet ANOTHER makeup collaboration with a different beauty brand.

Check out which beauty lab Alissa Ashley has been hanging out in lately.

"Had a great morning," she wrote in a Twitter post. "Working on something exciting with @nyxcosmetics."

Why, yes! Yes, Alissa Ashley is wearing a NYX lab coat and goggles in the NYX Cosmetics lab. 

This new venture is super exciting considering how Alissa Ashley already slays existing NYX products.


And by slay, I do mean she snatches every wig in sight.

Remember this NYX In Your Elements collection tutorial?

Of course fans are already coming up with theories about what this "exciting" collaboration could be.

"Hope it's a highlighter," one fan wrote.

Some want NYX and Alissa Ashley to go SUPER big with their new beauty products.

"I'd love it to be concealers or a new foundation with a huge ass shade range," another person mused.

And some want NYX to take full advantage of Alissa Ashley's supreme eye art talents.

"I hope it's an eyeshadow [sic] palette," a fan shared. "I know she'd choose some really good colors."

Justifiably, some Alissa Ashley fans could care less what it is. They already trust its quality and are just ready to throw the coins.

"Ahh my girl @alissa.ashley is killing it," a user wrote. "Anything she's involved in I'll definitely be purchasing and supporting."

Bring it on Alissa Ashley and NYX!

photo: Giphy

NYX and Alissa Ashley are coming for our makeup bags so stay tuned and prep your wallets for this exciting new beauty drop.