Hang in there, folks. In just 13 more days, the bigot that is Donald Trump will be removed from office. However, his hateful supporters he has emboldened over the past four years will unfortunately continue to run rampant. One of those die-hards includes beauty influencer of sorts Amanda Ensing, who, when thugs took over the Capitol yesterday, was in full support. 

However, she was quickly called out by other influencers, and she was obliterated all over our timelines. 

Wanna know how to kill your career? The answer is simple: Support Donald Trump. Just ask influencer Amanda Ensing, who has seemed to do just that. 

Over Christmas, rather than posting a photo in your traditional holiday garb, she and her significant other opted instead for Trump gear. As expected, it wasn't received well. "How to be a rebel in 2020: Love God, Love your country, & Think for yourself," she captioned the photo. 

And yesterday, when hundreds of terrorists and thugs stormed the Capitol, she was right there in support of them. 

"The left: I hate it here," she tweeted. "America is embarrassing. Only we can riot & loot. Defund the police. Just do what the government tells you & don’t ask questions. The right: Let’s fight for freedom. We love the USA. Defend the Constitution. We support our Military & Law enforcement." 

The delusion seems to be at an all-time high. 

The always outspoken Jackie Aina responded, and an exchange ensued. Of course, Aina gathered Ensing all the way together, especially after Ensing began attempting to hurl insults surrounding Aina's financial situation. 

"How would you know this, you been taking notes huh?" she ended the exchange with. "Because I specifically remember you to my face telling me on a brand trip how you weren’t making money anymore because you were too white for brands and 'girls like me' were getting all the deals. Your rebrand makes sense now."

Makeup Shayla even got involved, calling out Ensing's image change over the years. She called out that Ensing has seemingly been darkening her skin and making her hair texture appear curlier to portray a "mixed" girl as stated in her Instagram bio. 

"People showing up at the capitol doesn’t mean he won," she tweeted Ensing. "Just like you curling your hair and tanning your skin doesn’t mean you’re 'MiXeD.'”

And Alissa Ashley was right behind them, ultimately telling Ensing to put up or shut up. 

"I love how what you said to both Shayla & Jackie came from the mouth of a f*cking racist," she wrote. "Go stick to your TikTok sources you weak a** b*tch. You would not have this energy at all if this was in person and you know that." 

If this was an attempt by Ensing to be more relevant, she surely garnered lots of attention. However, it wasn't good attention. 

"No bc Amanda Ensing saw she wasn’t getting any where with her YouTube makeup career and decided to become a MAGA girlie in hopes of becoming relevant again," someone tweeted. "Bye girlie we left you in 2016 stay there."