Amazon Beauty Sale
photo: Amazon

Online shopping can be stressful. You excitedly scroll through your selections, press the buy button, and then are tasked with having to wait for what seems like forever for it to arrive. That is, when you're not buying from Amazon. The quick shopping from the rapid retailer takes the pain out of online shopping, and these days, we're taking all the small victories we can get.

And luckily, another thing Amazon is known for is its wildly affordable prices, and when it comes to beauty products, it's no different. Amazon is having a major sale on certain beauty products this week, and they're the products that everyone should be adding to their stash during quarantine. 

Check out five of our favorites ahead.

SUNUV Gel Nail Light ($18.40, Amazon)

photo: SUNUV

For anyone who's not quite comfortable sitting in nail salons yet but is committed to the gel mani, this is for you. This quick-dry gel light makes at-home manis a breeze and is so easy to use. 

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Essy Naturals Eyelash and Brow Growth Serum Irritation Free Formula ($24.64, Amazon)

There's no better time than now to give your brows and lashes some extra TLC. This nourishing serum helps frail lashes and brows to grow stronger and healthier with daily use and is made with sensitive skin in mind. 

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BS-MALL Makeup Brush Set 18 PCS ($11.04, Amazon)

Can you ever have too many makeup brushes? Our answer is no, especially if you've been brushing up on your face beat skills while stuck in the house. The handles of these cosmetic brushes are made of high-end alloy and wood material, while the bristles are well made of soft and silky nylon, ensured for long-time use. 
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ILansley Waxing Kit for Women ($33.99, Amazon)

Yet again, for the DIY girl, listen up. While it may be scary, we're confident you can successfully do your own lashes, and this will help. This wax warmer kit will guarantee silky-smooth skin with finer regrowth. After waxing, hair removal results usually last about three weeks and keep it smoother than ever.
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Kingwell Store Blackhead Remover Pore Vacuum ($16.99, Amazon)

Who said that you can't be your own skin expert? This powerful air pump ensures enough stable suction to help you clean blackheads, whiteheads, acne, air dust, and makeup residue. Before using the blackhead removal tool, applying a 3- to 5-minute hot compress.

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