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Trying to treat acne can be an expensive, time-consuming, and all around confidence-draining experience. Some products cost a lot and don't do anything; some products might even make matters worse for your skin. And skin is so dang subjective that it's truly rare that everyone can agree a skin-care product is truly effective.

But leave it to Amazon reviewers to point out the hidden gems in a never-ending sea of product that claim to work. A 100% rating and dozens upon dozens of glowing written reviews dub this extremely affordable and simple mask the greatest acne-treating tool online.

Meet the CYQBD Blackhead Remover Mask ($11, Amazon).

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Priced just a few cents over $10, this way too affordable mask might look like your standard peel-off charcoal mask, but those who've left reviews of the product swear it's much more than that. Though it only has a total 82 reviews, every single one is glowing and accompanied by a five-star rating — and if you're gonna free up time to write whole paragraphs about how good a product is, well then it must be pretty spectacular.

Its use is rather simple like any other face mask's.

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All you've got to do is wash your face, pat it dry, and slather this mask on top. Once it dries, peel it off, rinse your face again, then continue with serums and moisturizer. Users might want to avoid applying the mask too close to the eye area, though, because pulling or tugging at that area can harm the ultra-thin skin there and cause premature wrinkling.


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It's one of Amazon's highest-selling face masks EVER — and when you think about how many face masks exist on Amazon...

This user raves that the mask in a honest-to-God "complete miracle." They wrote, "I am a type 1 diabetic who has had some sort of acne all of my life i have NEVER been able to find something powerful enough to keep my face hydrated UNTIL NOW!! I have used EVERYTHING on the market + been to a dermatologist all of my life, and when i say I have used EVERYTHING i mean EVERYTHING... My face finally looks BEAUTIFUL, and what's funny is the dryness went away after my first use."

This peel-off face mask must be, like, The Beatles of peel-off face masks.

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Another glowing review reads: "AWESOME product! I’ve had acne since I was in middle school and they always told me I’d grow out of it! Well, now I’m 30... and you guessed it! I still have acne. I’m used to avoiding people, places, and plans with friends because I’ve been so ashamed of my face... until now. To top it all off, I received a handwritten thank you card for buying their product. Talk about customer service! MUST try!!! Especially if you have tried and given up almost every other acne medicine under the sun!"

Even people who experience cystic acne agree this mask works.

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"I get occasional cystic acne and if you've had it you know how difficult it is to get something that ACTUALLY WORKS," one customer wrote. "This product was able to bring everything to a head and all the gunk came out without having to pop it or get nasty scarring."

Will it work just as well for you? Only one way to find out.

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