Alyssa Edward Anastasia Beverly Hills
photo: Instagram/AlyssaEdwards_1

When it comes to makeup, drag queens are the gold standard. They embody what it means to be extra and provide us with some of the most vibrant and intricate looks we've ever seen. So whenever one of them collabs with a major cosmetics brand, our ears are wide open and our pockets are ready. 

Well, what if we told you that RuPaul's Drag Race's most infamous contestant just teamed up with a a beauty powerhouse for a palette that's like nothing you've ever seen? For the first time ever, drag royalty Alyssa Edwards is collaborating with Anastasia Beverly Hills, and the result is absolute magic. 

If you're a RuPaul's Drag Race or Dancing Queen fan, then you're more than familiar with Alyssa Edwards. 

The drag extraordinaire, who was crowned Miss Gay America 2010 and went on to be a Drag Race season five favorite, is arguably one of the most popular contestants of all time. Her show on Netflix, Dancing Queen, has catapulted her career even further, making her one of the most well-known drag queens in the industry. 

She's also a close friend of Anastasia Beverly Hills' president, Claudia Soare a.k.a. Norvina. 

Norvina is the makeup-loving daughter of ABH founder Anastasia Soare and has long ran in the most elite circles in Hollywood. This time last year, the pair was spotted together at RuPaul's Drag Con, where Norvina was completely donned in full drag, from her vibrant glittery eye shadow to a sky-high lavender wig. 

So a collaboration between the two was really inevitable. 

Today, the brand and drag queen revealed an electrifying palette. 

"Step 4. LARGER Than LIFE is just the right size (insert Tongue Pop)! She Has Arrived LOCKED & LOADED... It’s SHOWTYME Folks," Edwards said on Instagram. 

Needless to say, fans lost it. 

"Omg!!!!!! Bitch, I feel bad for all the other girls. You just fell out of the magical sky and took over the world. You just got the ULTIMATE crown: The CROWN OF LIFE! Honey, you are a TRUE WINNER!!!!!! Take notes, kids!! This is how you really win!" a commenter exclaimed. 

The palette is coming for wigs everywhere. 

"YEEEEEESSSS I'm sitting here with my wig snached screaming of excitement," yet another excited fan said. 

For Edwards, however, the collaboration is about so much more than just eyeshadow. "At a very young age, I knew that I was obsessed with beauty. But the power that makeup gave me personally is something that I will be eternally grateful for," Edwards said in an ABH press release. 

The outspoken star is hoping that the palette will inspire others as makeup has inspired her.

"It was putting on makeup and me looking in the mirror for the very first time and going, ‘You are beautiful.’ That’s the power makeup gave me, the courage to be the strong, successful human I am today," she said. 

And when it came to picking a brand to collab with, ABH was a no-brainer. 

Anastasia Beverly Hills Alyssa Edwards Palette
photo: Courtesy of Anastasia Beverly Hills

"It was very important for me to be a part of a brand that stood for what I stood. And the reason why I chose ABH is: They celebrate the art of beauty and that is not a race and that is not a gender. And I appreciate that. This palette speaks for every little boy, little girl, every little human in the world who has a dream," she stated. 

The palette truly is for everybody.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Alyssa Edwards
photo: Courtesy of Anastasia Beverly Hills

"This palette is for the human that enjoys beauty. This is for the human that enjoys makeup. This is for everybody," she concluded in the press statement.

And as for the shade names, they're just as extra as Edwards is. 

At $45, the palette comes with 14 matte and shimmer shades such as Back Rolls (rich brown), Texas Made (bright berry pink), H.O.E. (deep taupe), and Headliner (shimmery silver). Additionally, it's all wrapped in hot-pink packaging donned with sultry winking-eye illustrations.

Oh, but there's more. 

ABH just uploaded an exclusive Alyssa Edwards music video to its YouTube channel, where Edward shows off a multitude of different eye looks all pulled off using the same palette. We are LIVING for the drama. 

Could this be ABH's most colorful palette ever?

Twitter sure seems to think so. "The most colorful abh palette yet ! I’m so ready for this baby," said an Edwards fan about the upcoming release. 

For early access to the palette, check out Drag Con in LA from May 24–26. The palette will officially hit ABH retailers (namely Sephora and Ulta) and online on June 6.