Anastasia Beverly Hills may be having issues with getting some of its investors to continue supporting the business, according to a report in Bloomberg. The business magazine reports that investors are skeptical of how successful the iconic beauty brand will be this year, and their loan offerings are reflecting those feelings. 

This news comes as a surprise to the beauty industry, as the brand actually seems to be on fire when it comes to makeup releases, marketing, and social media interaction with fans and influencers. How could anyone think the brand wouldn't bring in the big bucks? Bloomberg breaks it all the way down.

The business magazine reported that loans from investors have dropped significantly.

"Loans to Soares’ company, Anastasia Beverly Hills, plunged to about 88 cents on the dollar earlier this month from around 95 cents after the company provided disappointing earnings guidance," Bloomberg revealed. 

Translation: Earnings guidance is the information a company gives to its investors that details how much money it believes will be made during a specific year and why the company thinks that amount can be made. Basically, investors aren't happy with the bread Anastasia Beverly Hills is projected to bring in.

Projected earnings have dropped significantly, and some investors have lost faith. 

Anastasia Beverly Hills is projected to make $162 million in 2019. That amount is down from $174 million at the previous projection, and that is down from the $185 million projected to be made in March 2018. These amounts are based on what Anastasia Beverly Hills is saying in its earnings guidance reports that it will make. As these numbers have decreased, it appears so have investors' faith in the brand being ultra profitable.

Note: Revelist reached out to Norvina and Anastasia Beverly Hills for comment on this matter, but the brand declined to comment.

Investor loans to Anastasia Beverly Hills have "tumbled" significantly, according to Bloomberg.

"Loans to Soares’ company, Anastasia Beverly Hills, plunged to about 88 cents on the dollar earlier this month from around 95 cents after the company provided disappointing earnings guidance. The loan was quoted earlier today at slightly above 90 cents," the magazine revealed. 

Clearly, investors are holding back on how much they support the Anastasia Beverly Hills brand.

There is also major concern about Anastasia Beverly Hills' debt.

To paraphrase Bloomberg, the debt will be about four times higher than the earnings if Anastasia Beverly Hills makes that projected $162 million this year. This will be up from the 3.5 times higher it would have been when the deal initially closed. 

Anastasia Beverly Hills famously leveraged its social media presence to swoon investors initially.

"... Anastasia said it generated more 'earned media,' or mentions from fans, customers, and others, than any other beauty company, including... MAC Cosmetics and... NYX Cosmetics. Anastasia argued that while its competitors had to pay for expensive celebrity endorsements and advertising, its savvy use of social media allowed them to reduce costs," Bloomberg reports.

The magazine also revealed that the brand name-dropped Kim Kardashian and Oprah as two of its major celebrity relationships. 

The brand currently has 19.2 million followers on Instagram alone, which is up from the 18.5 million followers it had at the time. 

That's a 700,000 follower increase on Instagram alone, so whatever Anatasia Beverly Hills is doing to improve its social media situation is working. These numbers also do not include the massive social media following of the brand's president, Claudia Soare (better known as Norvina). Still that isn't enough for investors who are clearly looking at other stuff. 

This behind-the-scenes financial news is a little shocking given that Anastasia Beverly Hills has consistently had successful makeup launches. 

Anastasia Beverly Hills is the number one selling brand at Sephora. Additionally, the brand had the single biggest product launch in 2018 with the release of the Soft Glam eye shadow palette, which was in spite of the product being leaked before the brand could officially announce it. 

The brand dropped a spring collection, which introduced the Rivera Palette (its brightest eye shadow palette to date) as well as never-before-released products like the dewy setting spray and the setting powders. Prior to that, Anastasia Beverly Hills reminded everyone why it sits on the eyebrow makeup throne with the release of its Dipbrow Gel. Then there was the release of the loose glitters for Valentine's Day. 

Anastasia Beverly Hills seems to be one of the most consistent brands in the business. Other than the Subculture fiasco, it's also a brand that pretty much avoids controversy. 

The brand has even updated its roster of executives to help move forward with plans to expand globally. 

The Anastasia Beverly Hills team also recently expanded and welcomed the Chief Financial Officer Michael Kennedy (formerly of Two Faced and P&G), the Senior Vice President of Operations Graham Orriss (formerly of P&G/Wella, and Chicken of the Sea), the Senior Vice President of Sales Olia Botchev formerly of Unilever/Murad) to help execute better. 

In other words, Anastasia Beverly Hills is gearing up to be bigger and better than ever. We stand by our previous statements that you should probably secure your wigs for the rest of 2019. 

Norvina also announced that Anastasia Beverly Hills will launch its foundation later this year.

The foundation line will include 50 shades ranging from fair to deep dark. Norvina revealed to her fans that she's been working tirelessly to get the formula right. She's been very clear that she aims to make the shade offerings as inclusive as possible. This could be the biggest launch that Anastasia Beverly Hills has ever had. 

Norvina has even asked her fans for help with stores that don't want to make display room for all 50 shades.

"Also would be great if you guys could support me by telling these retailers that I really do need all 50 shades in the store cause I’m getting some pushback from some and I don’t want to give in," she told her Twitter followers. 

Norvina was met with lots of support from the brand's fans who have committed to fulfilling her request.

As for the brand's media influence, Norvina is working overtime all the time to expand Anastasia Beverly Hills' reach. 

For the last week or so, Norvina has been scouting out micro-influencers and even aspiring influencers to expand the brand's PR list. She has flooded her followers' timelines with calls for more people to be added. Norvina wasn't even too particular about a follower count requirement for the people who made the list, which was very interesting considering how huge Anastasia Beverly Hills is. Her main priority was simply adding people with super-dope makeup skills. It was like Christmas in April, as she surprised fan after fan with PR packages in their mailboxes. 

That's LOADS of valuable cosmetics to send out to supporters and doesn't even include the usual super influencers that are already on the PR list. Clearly, Norvina has a plan to grow the Anastasia Beverly Hills brand and set it apart from other companies in the industry.

(Also, yeah, this is your reminder to hit up Norvina if you can deliver a mean eye shadow blend, so you can be added to her list.)

No matter what happens with current investors, we have faith that Norvina has the brand under control.

Simply put, hard work matters. When you work hard and you're passionate about your projects, it always pays off. Norvina has done such a good job since taking over the company. She's made Anastasia Beverly Hills such a visible and approachable brand while maintaining its high-end appeal. Norvina also spends way too many hours perfecting these products and their launches for us to believe that Anastasia Beverly Hills will tank anytime soon.

Sending all positive vibes to Anastasia Beverly Hills and looking forward to how Norvina rocks out with the company this year and beyond.