Hello, Norvina! Fresh off the success of the Anastasia Beverly Hills x Jackie Aina palette, the much-loved Anastasia Beverly Hills Norvina palette is getting a bigger, flashier sister, and she's coming with an entourage of new products. The new palette is unlike anything we've seen from ABH — it's her largest palette to date, with 25 (!!!) pans in a square-shaped package. It also includes four new ABH liquid lipstick colors and an eye primer. Swatches are already available of the shadow colors, and you're going to want to see them because these colors are royalty.

~*25 colors of bliss*~

The new Norvina palette features 25 new colors in deep, saturated jewel tones. In keeping with Norvina's love of the color purple, it's heavy on the violets and lilacs, with a few orange and mustard yellow shades thrown in for contrast. There's also two gorgeous blue colors.

The swatches are unreal!

In keeping with the Crown Jewels theme, the diamond-shaped swatches really show how pigmented these colors are. Standout shades include A3, a bright coral-pink; C1, a silvery white; E1, a shimmery gold and peach duo-chrome; and E2, a matte bright orange. My personal favorite is D4, a deep blue that looks like lapis lazuli.

Norvina teased the palette's arrival with a video and her dog!

In the teaser video for the new Norvina collection, Norvina took us on a trip on the fanciest subway car I've ever seen. Her dog sits happily on a shag subway seat, surrounded by plush purple mood lighting and "Norvina" graffiti etchings in the windows. Can every subway train in New York City look like this??

Norvina shared her excitement on her Instagram stories.

In her Instagram stories, Norvina explained that she's been working on this palette for two years. "Everything is completely custom-built," she said, "from the exterior, the pan sizes, the mirror, everything about it."

Norvina explains the palette's unusual naming convention.

"I couldn't even fathom naming 25 shades," Norvina explained. This is why the shades are named A1-E5, by horizontal and vertical rows, a naming convention similar to a chessboard. "Going forward, all Norvina palettes will be named the same way," she said.

Norvina also revealed the new coral liquid lipsticks, which will only be available at anastasiabeverlyhills.com. At first glance, they all look similar to one another, but Norvina promises: "They're not all the same color!" The new ABH liquid lipsticks are named Neon Coral, Soft Coral, Red Coral, and Spicy Coral. The kit will retail for $25, and while they will be available separately, they will not be sold at retailers. Get them on the ABH website or not at all!