Fall is officially here, which means that the leaves are turning colors, the monarch butterflies are heading south, and Halloween and Día de los Muertos are around the corner. As we ease into decorative gourd season, Anastasia Beverly Hills has given us a palette that captures the colors of the fall rainbow.

It's the third and final installment in the ABH Norvina palette series. Volume 3 features bright, gorgeous tones that are perfect for this time of the year, with colors that will take you from trick or treating to holiday parties. It's refreshing to see a pro palette that isn't full of bright colors or neutrals. The Norvina Vol. 3 is a healthy mix between the two, giving you everything you need to capture dreamy autumn looks. Here are the details.

Twenty-five pigments are a welcome addition to any makeup vanity.

These 25 pigments are a unique part of the Norvina palette collection. The Norvina Vol. 1 was all about bright, daring colors, and Norvina Vol. 2 brought out tropical tones. Norvina Vol. 3, however, favors warm, highly pigmented colors.

Look at these swatches!

It's one thing to look at the palette. It's another to see how they perform on skin. And these swatches look beautiful, capturing the oranges, reds, and yellows of the changing leaves. The palette also nails the hues of the evergreen trees, not to mention fall's purple and gold tones. 

Like the previous two Norvina palettes, Vol. 3 is made for makeup artists.

In a statement, Anastasia Beverly Hills describes the three Norvina palettes as "perfect for the artist who wants to have the ultimate color collection" and for "the makeup fanatic who is ready to take their makeup creativity to the next level." 

I'm neither an artist nor a makeup fanatic who is creative. I'm buying this anyway!

Norvina introduced her palette with a butterfly-themed campaign.

For Vol. 3, Norvina was inspired by a trip to a butterfly sanctuary in Costa Rica. On Instagram, she wrote that "the butterfly shoot was such a journey. Daniel strung up every single butterfly for the set. It took him days. The set had to be protected from wind at all costs." She shared a behind-the-scenes photo of the shoot, showing faux butterflies attached to wire in front of a yellow background.

Norvina has been hard at work to bring us this powerful palette collection.

When she launched the first two palettes, Norvina said in her Instagram stories that she had been working on this project for almost two years. Initially, I thought she meant she'd been working on one palette, not three. That's a ton of work!

As for the details, so you can get your autumn butterfly looks on...

The Norvina Vol. 3 palette will be available on September 26 at Sephora (online and in stores) and at ABH.com and ABH.co.uk. Like the other two ABH Norvina palettes, it will retail for $60.