I love lipstick. I have hundreds of shades, but every morning I go through the classic beauty-lover's dilemma: Which color should I wear?

Anastasia Beverly Hills has officially solved that problem. The brand has created a magical rainbow lip palette that gives you every single shade at once — and encourages you to mix your own colors.

That's right. You now have your very own lipstick line in the palm of your hand.

This is the Anastasia Beverly Hills Lip Palette, a multicolored makeup revolution.

anastasia lip palette
photo: Anastasia Beverly Hills

The palette, which took ABH three years to develop, contains 18 full-coverage matte lipstick shades, ranging from opaque black to boldest pink. You can wear them by individually, or mixed together.

The palette contains everything you need to create ANY lip color you can dream up, including a mixing plate on which to create your colors, AND a high quality lip brush...

...which has a spatula on the other end.

THIS is why Anastasia's products are so next level — they incorporate truly professional touches (like this spatula) in a product that EVERYONE can use, regardless of skill level.

This palette allows you to create any color that your heart desires quickly and easily.

So the next time you see someone rocking an enviable periwinkle lip on Instagram, you can go right ahead and mix it yourself. Look at that — you're basically Kylie Jenner. 

Mixable lip palettes aren't new, but they've generally been for makeup artists only. Claudia Soare, president of ABH, says that her goal was to make a professional-quality lip palette that EVERYONE can use.

She says that the concept began with the primary colors — pure red, blue, and yellow — so those went in first. Black and white went in next, as they "allow the consumer to adjust the deepness and tone of any of these shades, to make it just the way you like."

But most importantly, Claudia says that this palette is accessible for EVERYONE — which is why each of the 18 lip colors are ready to wear as is. "It was important to not get lost in 'concept' and risk alienating the consumer that doesn’t want the anxiety of creating her or his own shades," Soare wrote on Instagram. "Not everyone is an artist, is likely too busy to test combos out, or just doesn’t care to play 'Color Me Mine' with their lip palette... the color selection is wearable to ensure that the palette is ready to go the minute you open it, or if you don’t feel like mixing shades yourself."

The result? Perfectly wearable colors, ready to be brushed directly onto lips, or mixed into any combination you can imagine. As Claudia says, there are "plenty of neutrals to choose from, and some pops."

anastasia lip palette price
photo: Anastasia Beverly Hills / Instagram

I'm dying over that super deep raspberry shade in the top right corner, tbh.

And the $48 price is ALSO seriously great.

You can buy the Lip Palette online right now (Anastasia Beverly Hills) — and it'll be available in store at Ulta, Sephora, Dillard's, and Macy's on March 15.

And seriously, $48 is a small price to pay for the thrill of being able to say, "Oh, I made it myself" the next time someone asks you what lipstick you're wearing.

Are you into this ABH lip palette? What color would YOU mix, if you could create any lipstick in the entire world?

I'd make a super blue-based dark purple, or a black plum with fuchsia undertones. Tell me your dream shades in the comments, or over on Facebook!