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She explained that the powdery texture was because of the way the shadows were pressed, and that the brand's customer service would replace any unsatisfactory palettes.

"I like to take care of our customers. We will ensure that you're happy with your purchase. Since some concerns weren't handled by CS it's the weekend (they're closed) I addressed concerns. Ideally we need to give CS a chance, as I'm one person. This means that it's impossible for me to do my job, and service our customers via social media."

She even reached out to Ashley herself to let her know the palette was exchangeable.

For those who didn't have an issue with Subculture's fallout, the palette worked like dream.

But a significant amount of people are putting their wallets down and walking away following this whole mess.

While the internet continues to argue, ABH will start pressing its shadows a little bit harder to nix that fallout ASAP.

The good news is, if you still want to buy the palette, it lands in stores on the 15th so you can test it out in real life before you buy.

Really, though, will this Subculture melodrama ever end?

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It's tearing us apart... because we really want this thing, TBH.

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