The word "ponytail" has basically become synonymous with Ariana Grande. Though she's def not the inventor of the hairstyle, she's one of the few celebs who is rarely seen without one. And not just any ponytail, a super-high, always perfect, and impossibly long pony. We can maybe count on one hand the amount of times we've seen her without it, but that just changed. 

After being begged by fans, Grande revealed her natural curls to the world. And though they're still a work in progress, we're obsessed with them already. Check them out for yourself. 

Ariana Grande is almost never caught without her signature high ponytail.

It's become a staple of her career. The slick, high ponytail has been along for music videos, album covers, and awards shows over the span of years.

But every now and then, she'll give us a #TBT of when she wore her natural curls as a child, like she did yesterday.

"if i’m honest ... this is still exactly what i look like without lashes and my pony ... anyone who knows me knows me knows ... like ... i’m twenty five. i was five here. the only difference now is that hand now says bbq grill finger," Grande tweeted.

Moments later, after being begged by fans to reveal her current curls, she did just that.

Grande revealed her curls and bangs, a pairing we would have never expected. Twitter essentially burst into flames as the video went viral.

They begged her to keep the curls coming.

"Plsss slay the curls more often!"

They requested the curls to make an appearance on tour.

"Can you please have your curls out for tour? ....... Even for like.........half a song?"

They pulled photos from the archives.

"Omg sis if aris curls look like this again I’ll die."

They found even more baby photos.

"pls ???????????? those curls."

Some even basically threatened her, kinda.

"Ditch the ponytail and only wear curls with ur natural hair."

And, of course, hilarious memes were created.

"Curls+bangs." The combo was almost too much for some to handle. 

They also congratulated Grande, and her curls, for winning a Grammy last night.

"And her curls won a Grammy AAAAAHHHHHH I'm so proud of her." 

Grande replied by saying that she needed to let them grow out before she wore them out more often.

"They gotta grow first ! that blonde last year ........ tarnished. BUT they’re like halfway back. :)"

Blonde hair can be such a pain.

And we can only assume that paired with the constant tension of the ponytail, Grande's hair was in serious need of some TLC. We hope that once the curls are fully back, she ditches the pony for good.

Like, the ponytail is cool and all ...

But we'd love for her hair to evolve just as much as Grande and her music has. So maybe a curly bob is on the horizon?

Once she ditches her iconic pony, though, there's one particular lyric she won't be singing anymore.

photo: Giphy

"Gee, thanks! Just bought it." Just let the curls flourish, sis! 

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