Ashley Benson bob
photo: Getty Images

2019 has been the year of celebrity hair transformations. From outrageous colors to unexpected cuts, the year has brought about switch-up after switch-up. Actress Ashley Benson is one of those celebs. After changing her look a few months ago, she's changed it again, and this one takes the cake. 

The chin-length cut is one we'll be talking about for a long time and is "good girl gone bad" personified. Check it out. 

Ashley Benson is our celebrity bob goals. 

If there's anyone who knows how to rock the look, it's the Pretty Little Liars star. For what seems like forever, she's been donning the chic style in just about all its forms, most notably in blond, a look she kept to for quite a while. 

And then she went shorter and darker. 

In an unexpected but much-loved switch-up, she cropped her look even more, going a deep brown with honey brown tips and often wearing it styled in her signature waves. Once again, we rushed to our hairstylist with pictures of Benson and begged for it to be replicated.

Guess what, folks? Her look just got an upgrade again. 

As if things couldn't get any chicer, Benson revealed a new and ever shorter, edgier 'do that clearly she's loving as much we do. "The Bobson," as she dubbed the look, was crafted by none other than Warren Tricomi hairstylist Marc Mena, who said on his Instagram that the look came along "just in time for the holidays."

The style has already proven to be versatile.

"She’s a chic business kween," Benson captioned a photo of the blown-out and super-voluminous look that was perfectly coifed, to which Mena responded, "I mean, the Bobson is serving us for days Hunnie." Needless to say, the cropped look is getting all of the love. 

It even looks great wet. 

That's the power of a great cut. It looks amazing no matter how it's styled. So what's next for Benson? Will 2020 bring about a pixie cut? That would be one for the books!