Ashley Benson Brown Hair
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Just about every day for the past few weeks, we've reported a new celeb who went blond. Millie Bobby Brown, Dua Lipa, Hillary Duff — the list is really never-ending. And while more and more people are turning to lighter hair rather than dark for the colder months ahead, others are keeping it classic. Take actress Ashley Benson, for example, who just this weekend revealed a chocolate-hued head of hair that is giving us all brunette envy. 

Check out the brand-new look for yourself. 

Blond is everywhere this year. 

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Like, literally, all of our favorite celebrities are suddenly revealing bright-blond hair; be it in bobs, cropped 'dos, or long luscious waves, the color has taken over our timelines and won over our hearts. 

And Ashley Benson's blond locks are always so perfectly dimensional. 

Her dye-job is always top notch, arguably serving as the most serious inspo for anyone wanting to go the bright hue. Like, come on, everyone in Hollywood is suddenly going blond in some major transformations and we have a strong feeling that Benson's photos are being passed around celeb hair stylists as requests from their clients. 

But guess what? While everyone else is going blond, Benson is stepping over to the dark side. 

Revealing this weekend some visibly darker hair that resembled a fresh cup of brew, the look, which also included lighter tips, is completely unexpected. It comes as quite a surprise considering the blond locks Benson's been rocking has become the biggest trend of the summer and fall. 

We love a little individuality. 

The look was created by her longtime stylist.

Marc Mena, who is responsible for everything from keeping that blond vibrant, to her perfect bob is of course responsible for the newest color, and we can't wait to see what styles she's going to try for the fall and winter months ahead with the new hue. 

Don't you just love her?

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Talented, unproblematic, and a classic beauty — and while we can't look to her for blond hair inspo anymore, we can definitely turn to the star for our daily brunette fix.