Ashley Benson long hair
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Normally, we're always buzzing about when a celebrity goes shorter with their hair. From Dua Lipa to Charlize Theron to Khloé Kardashian, we're always enamored with our favorite celebs chopping their hair off. However, this week we're losing it over Ashley Benson going longer. How long, you ask? Let's just say, the hair is legit brushing her butt. 

Check out the new look ahead. 

Let's be real: A shorter cut is an Ashley Benson staple. 

She loves a more cropped 'do, and we love it on her. Just at the end of last year, she took her signature lob way shorter with an edgy cut that barely fell to her neck. Referring to herself a "chic business kween," Benson has long embraced the sophisticated length. 

But she's rocking a newer look these days. 

Earlier this week, Instagram revealed Benson rocking a look that's more high-fashion and longer than ever before. The auburn brown color, paired with a slick middle part, left everyone floored. "Benzo Sleek," her makeup artist, Mia Jones, captioned a boomerang of the new look on Instagram. 

Joseph Maine really did his thing. 

The celebrity hairstylist, who also glams up Katie Holmes and Nicole Scherzinger, seems to be just as excited about the new look as we are. "What bob?!" he said on Instagram, echoing fans' questions. "#AshleyBenson sleek and chic." The unexpected yet welcome change is some extensions inspo that we're all loving. 

She tired out the new look for New York Fashion Week.

Ashley Benson long hair
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For a show as chic as Michael Kors, an equally as chic hairstyle is a must, and Benson nailed it. The waist-length hair with blunt ends, paired with a black turtleneck and flared pants, is the look that everyone will be talking about until next season. Extensions, anyone?

We love a long-hair transformation. 

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Isn't the power of extensions so beautiful? One day you can have hair that barely makes it past your face, and the next you can have hair down to your waist. If you haven't given it a try already, you certainly should.