If there's one thing that about growing up that I'll always vividly remember, it's not seeing real representation in beauty. With major ad campaigns featuring impossibly thin women and makeup lines with limited shade ranges, young black women such as myself have always been underrepresented. Fast-forward decades, and not much has changed. 

Though I can truly say that some progress has been made, I still continue to see a lot of the same inclusion issues time and time again. Brands have found a way to pacify consumers by doing the bare minimum in hopes of receiving support and acceptance, while others don't really care at all. 

So it comes as no surprise to anyone that both the fashion and beauty industries still have a long way to go before they can truly call themselves "inclusive." Far too often, beauty brands are pushing a 40-foundation shade agenda in hopes of convincing everyone that it truly cares about the demographics it claims to want to serve. 

But contrary to the small box that the beauty industry has put the term "inclusivity" in, it's missed out on yet another group of women who need to be seen and heard: plus-size women. If we think back, there are not many instances we can reference when a woman of size has been the face of a major beauty campaign. That is, except for Ashley Graham, who's speaking out to make it known that the industry has missed the mark yet again.