In the heat of tainted beauty campaigns, there are few that truly resonate with us. Revlon is one of those brands, however, that always comes through. Its mission to constantly empower and make women feel beautiful is one that has resulted in some of the most poignant beauty campaigns in the industry. Well, they're back with another one, and it includes one of its most loyal partners, Ashley Graham

The "I Can. So I Did" campaign is here, and it's one of our favorites yet. Did we mention that there's another exciting one that was launched at the same time? Revlon is doing it right.


Graham's new campaign with Revlon is almost as inspiring as she is. 

"I’m so proud to play a role in the progress that has been made in the beauty and fashion industries and be a part of a campaign that champions women’s achievements, big and small. Would love to hear your achievements as well," she shared on Instagram.

It's appropriately titled, "I Can. So I Did."

Ashley Graham I Can So I Did Campaign
photo: Courtesy of Revlon

The empowering mantra is at the head of the campaign advertising Revlon's new PhotoReady Candid Collection. "We want to give women the confidence to be themselves and turn their potential into achievement — big or small — and motivate others to live boldly and hold nothing back," said Silvia Galfo, Revlon's global brand president, in a press release.


Whenever the name Ashley Graham is attached to something, you can almost be certain that confidence and positivity is at the forefront. 

Ashley Graham I Can So I Did Campaign
photo: Courtesy of Revlon

From beauty partnerships to clothing designs, Graham has made it her mission to make men and women of all shapes and sizes feel comfortable about exactly who they are. The outspoken supermodel is at the top of the list of celebs on a constant mission to break down barriers and speak about inclusivity. And mega beauty brand Revlon has been an important part of helping her do just that. 


As for those BTS shots? Stunning is an understatement. 

Ashley Graham I Can So I Did Campaign
photo: Courtesy of Revlon

The no-makeup makeup look shows Graham in just about her most natural state. Her hair is tossed and her face is fresh with just a bit of foundation. The model is clearly on a mission to let everyone know that they're perfect just the way they are. Regardless of what society says. 


Like, who else makes a robe look this fabulous? 

Ashley Graham I Can So I Did Campaign
photo: Courtesy of Revlon

It'll be quite the day when I think I look this glamorous in a bathrobe, but the point of the campaign is that I already do. Regardless of what anyone else may think, if I feel that I'm beautiful, I am. I Can. So I Did. Duh.


And, of course, photo editing programs were nowhere to be found.

Ashley Graham I Can So I Did Campaign
photo: Courtesy of Revlon
"Your Candid self, the boldest move you can make," Revlon said on its Instagram. The campaign comes with a string of other positivity videos from supermodels of all different sizes, shapes, skin tones, and races. 

Other campaign videos feature Adwoa Aboah, Scarlett Curtis, Mofe Sey, and Tasha Jane Bishop. 

"All women, all ages, all races. The #RevlonxGurlsTalk collection strikes a bold conversation with 3 limited edition makeup kits. @adwoaaboah@scarcurtis@tashajanebishop, and Mofe Sey in conversation. Watch the full video on our #IGTV ???? and shop the collection at" 


The women reflect on beauty standards of the past with their Gurls Talk video series. 

"Bold women, inspiring voices. Advocates for women’s health, mental health, and body positivity come together to talk all things #RevlonxGurlsTalk ????????????" The women got seriously candid and reminded women everywhere that we're not alone in our struggles. 

They even got to chat about their wildest early makeup days. 

"I did kind of wear I lot of makeup, I wore a lot of dark eyeliner, a lot of lipstick," one of the woman reminisced. 

And who can't relate? Black liner on the top and bottom was seriously the thing. In hindsight, those maybe weren't proudest moments but still serve as another reminder of how we all share similar experiences. 


We're inspired, are you? 

Check out the new PhotoReady campaign here. “To be true to who I am. And make no apologies for it,” Gal Gadot shared. 

We'll say Revlon has done a great job of encouraging women to do just that.