audrey hepburn
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Film star Audrey Hepburn is without a doubt one of the biggest beauty icons of our time — of all time. Though most of her well-known work debuted in the 1950s and '60s, her wardrobe, hair, and makeup are still fawned over worldwide more than half a century later. That is truly iconic.

And while Hepburn's beauty M.O. is timeless because it's simple, it can still be rather hard to pull off without her thick eyebrows, heart-stopping eyes, and fawn-like bone structure. Thankfully, one YouTuber nailed her makeup look down to an exact science.

YouTuber Picturresque (a.k.a. Regina) is wowing everyone with this video titled The Audrey Beat.

In the five days since this video was uploaded, it's garnered almost 200,000 views, 17,000 likes, and more than 650 adoring comments. Not only is it an impressive feat of transformation, it's also chock-full of really useful everyday makeup tips.

Watch and learn, folks!

For context, here's what Regina looks like without her Hepburn-esque makeup on.

She's still got the bold and impeccable eyebrow thing going for her, clearly, but she's still not what you would call an Audrey look-alike, so her makeup transformation is all the more impressive because of it.

Naturally, Regina's Audrey Hepburn look relies mostly on bold brows, thick lashes, and sharply lined lips.

Because, you know, that's entirely what Hepburn's signature look was for the majority of her career. I'm going to go ahead and assume it's safe to say that this particular rendition of Hepburn's look is inspired specifically by Breakfast at Tiffany's due to the weight of those lashes.

And it's the way she shapes those brows that makes this look specifically Hepburn as opposed to some random retro getup.

Regina uses La Splash Ultra Define Brow Mousse ($16, Walmart) in Cinnamon Daisy and Chocolate Cosmo and a fine-tipped eyebrow brush to extend her eyebrows almost all the way to her hairline. She also makes sure to stay true to Hepburn's true brow shape by keeping everything as square as possible.

Once her outline and filling is complete, Regina achieves extra fluff by brushing her natural brow hair upward with clear gel. Then she uses concealer to clean up the bottom edges.

She uses two indie eye shadow palettes to give her eyes a subtle wash of orange-brown before moving onto liner.

Regina opts for Cone Cosmetics 5 Color Eye Shadow Palette in Sweet Chilli and the Linda Hallberg Infinity Palette to swipe on a very sheer layer of warm neutral shadow just above her natural eye crease.

Regina is clearly a stickler for details, as anyone could tell by her killer eyeliner technique.

Part of the reason Regina's false lashes will end up looking so good is that she prepared her waterline with a black gel liner and fine-point brush. This pretty much eliminates any change that her bare skin will show underneath those lashes, making them appear real.

Following the waterline application, Regina uses both a pen and liquid liner to make a dramatic wing, which she cleans up once again with concealer.

But when she gets to her false lashes? That's where her skills really shine.

Instead of applying an entire strip of lashes like any of us mere mortals would do, Regina takes a pair of generic wipsy strips, breaks them each in half — then she applies both halves to her outer corners. It, once again, makes the false lashes appear more realistic and provides that classic, fluttery look Hepburn was known for.

To finish off the look, Regina pulls off some truly outrageous lip lining.

She uses a Huda Beauty Lip Contour pencil in Trendsetter ($19, Sephora) and lines her upper lip a few millimeters past her natural lip line. It'll serve as the base for what will end up looking like Hepburn's notoriously defined cupid's bow.

And the matching lipsticks she applies on top serves for a pout Hepburn herself might've been jealous of.

She uses Huda Beauty's almost matching Power Bullet Matte Lipstick in Interview ($25, Sephora), which isn't necessarily a nude shade but also isn't pink, either. It's right in between.

The end result? Utter uncanniness.

SHE. DID. THAT. Does anyone else have the itch to play in some retro makeup right about now? Because I sure do. My eyebrows will never be the same.