avengers infinity war poster
photo: Marvel Studios

Y'ALL. Marvel's "Avengers: Infinity War" is less than two weeks away now and frankly, I am no where near emotionally prepared for it. Hot Topic is clearly very aware of this — those guys really know how to pander to its audience — and in response has made what might actually be a perfect eye shadow palette.

Beauty-loving Marvel stans, prepare yourselves.

Hot Topic makes an official Avengers palette inspired by the franchise's Infinity Stones.

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I really hope that you know what Infinity Stones are by now, but if you don't, they're basically six shiny space rocks that casually contain, like, all the power in the universe. They're the entire reason Marvel has enough written material to make its own cinematic universe — the whole thing revolves around these.

The $17 palette has a bright, metallic shade in its center to match each Infinity Stone plus six transitional shades on its outer edges. 

And now that I've discovered it, there are truly fewer things I want in life.

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Besides, you know, for the actual movie to come out. And Steve Rogers.

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