Ayesha Curry is a powerhouse. You may know her as the wife of NBA baller Stephen Curry — but she's just as big a deal as her husband. She has a show on the Food Network, a best-selling cookbook, *and* a meal kits service. 

Oh, and the mom of two is known to serve gorgeous looks on Instagram. 

And now Ayesha Curry will join Issa Rae as the face of CoverGirl! She will be in ads for the brand's new Peacock Flare Mascara campaign, coming in November.

This is a big, surprising deal — Curry is the first celebrity who isn't a singer or actor to snag this major beauty deal. She gushed about what being a CoverGirl means to her.

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"My first makeup memory was running down the beauty aisles with my mom getting to pick my very own lipstick," she wrote. "It was a CoverGirl pink glittery lipstick that made me feel so good about myself — even though it probably wasn't my shade." 

"I am so excited to share that now I get to take my baby girls down those same aisles, and they get to see their mama as a CoverGirl," she continued.

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"I am so honored and thrilled to join the iconic women of the #COVERGIRL family and be a part of a brand that empowers women to embrace their originality. "

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And per a CoverGirl shoutout, we just might get to see her ridiculously cute daughters, Riley and Ryan, in an ad as well.

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"We are thrilled to welcome you (and your baby girls) into the #COVERGIRL family!" the brand shared online

This is epic news and I'm pretty sure she and Steph Curry are somewhere doing a happy dance... as usual.

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We can't wait to see her ads — and try this new mascara!