We have Baby Yoda memes, Baby Yoda toys coming in spring 2020, and now Baby Yoda beauty products! Maybe. If we are lucky. Can you imagine Baby Yoda eye shadow palettes and bath bombs? It would be a merchandising dream come true. Here's what we know.


Secrets in trademark filings, there are.

Patent and trademark filings are the first place to go if you're curious about products coming down the pipeline. Inside the Magic, a Disney destination site for Mouse fanatics, reports that that Disney has filed trademarks for a whole suite of Baby Yoda products — including, yes, beauty!


Let's look at the trademarks, which are bound to be hit sellers.

"Non-medicated cosmetics; non-medicated dentifrices; non-medicated toiletry preparations; fragrances; perfumes; all of the foregoing relating to a character in an entertainment franchise."

Let's read that again. COSMETICS. TOILETRY PREPARATIONS. FRAGRANCES AND PERFUMES. Are you clutching your heart?! Because I certainly am.


There are some caveats!

I'm no patent lawyer, but I do know that trademark filings don't necessarily mean that products are coming. It provides intellectual property protection for the creator, so other entities won't swoop in and make money off merchandise they didn't create.

In other words, Disney may just be protecting its IP.


Many more Baby Yoda products, it seems.

Beauty products aren't the only possible Baby Yoda products coming down the pipeline. In addition to cosmetics, here's more trademarks:

Clothing, footwear and headwear; all of the foregoing relating to a character in an entertainment franchise

Textiles; fabric; bath linen; bed linen; household linen; kitchen linens; table linen; textile articles not included in other classes; plastic table covers; plastic flags; plastic banners; plastic pennants; sleeping bags

Bakeware; beverageware; brushes; busts; coasters; combs; containers; cups; decorative glass; dinnerware; dishware; drinking straws; figurines; glassware; housewares; kettles; kitchenware; lunch boxes; lunch kits comprising of lunch boxes and beverage containers; mugs; plates; portable coolers; removable insulators for drink cans and bottles; servingware; tea pots; toothbrushes; trays; waste baskets

Excuse me, bakeware? Bath linens? Tea pots? Sold. Disney, just take my money now.


Still, Disney wouldn't miss an opportunity to make some serious cash.

It's a mystery why Disney didn't immediately have a suite of Baby Yoda merchandise ready to go for the Mandalorian launch — especially during the 2019 holiday season. The delay in products represents a ton of lost revenue. Maybe they weren't expecting the character to be so popular? Who knows, though there's speculation that the delay has to do with wanting to keep Baby Yoda a secret.

Regardless, the wait for Baby Yoda merch appears to be nearing its end. Let's pray to the Force that Baby Yoda lipstick is in our future.