the bachelor 2018
photo: Courtesy of ABC

Like just about all the others, this season of ABC's "The Bachelor" is absolutely WILD. Four episodes in, viewers have already been exposed to professional wrestling, worm eating, and a literal demolition derby.

But there's one moment from this Monday's episode that REALLY stood out — especially for makeup lovers.

During this Monday's post-credits moment, Marikh accused another contestant of criticizing her for checking her reflection with a compass during a group date.

photo: Courtesy of ABC

"Just like people slut shame and body shame people, you're like... glam shaming me."

The other contestant in question, Chelsea, said she meant no harm.


Naturally, the internet took this freshly coined term and ran with it.

Some had a chuckle at Marikh's expense, but beauty Twitter found its new hero.

Because there is NOTHING wrong with wanting to look flawless at all times, OK?

Now everyone wants more Marikh — glam shaming TED Talk, anyone?

In all seriousness, "Batchelor" contestants are on national TV. They're expected to look perfect at ALL HOURS. Who WOULDN'T be checking their reflection at every possible chance?

Everyone say it with me now: #EndGlamShaming2018!!!

photo: Giphy

Marikh, how can we ever repay you for this new favorite phrase of ours?