Oh, April Fool's Day pranks. Sometimes, they're pure and unfiltered sources of laughter and silliness — but they have the tendency to get very stupid very fast. That especially goes for pranks pulled by brands. 

Shockingly, this year many of those brands were beauty brands (or at least tried to become beauty brands), and they brought some... interesting tricks to the table.

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These seven brands tried to pull a fast one on us this year, and let's just say some of these ideas were better than others.


Wag!'s dog and owner blowouts

Wag! is an app that help dog owners find and hire dog walkers, but for its April 1st prank, it decided to roll out a blow-out service for owners to get matching blow-outs with their dogs.

Does it really exist? No. Do I want it to exist now? YES.


Hidden Valley Ranch's Valley Girl Cosmetics launch

Yes — the iconic RANCH DRESSING brand decided to create a fake makeup brand, with mock-ups and everything, for April Fool's Day. One of those products would've been a ranch-flavored lip gloss, which is so gross, but I totally would have bought it out of sheer curiosity.

Also, damn, I love ranch dressing.


Huda Beauty's 100% Sand Exfoliating Scrub

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Huda Kattan's prank was an announcement that she was releasing a body scrub that was just pure, unaltered desert sand. Which, really, isn't too far off what a body scrub actually is.


Chillhouse's day of Dillhouse

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This beloved salon and cafe in New York City created an entire themed day of services that were entirely pickle based. Were this joke a real thing, you would've been able to enjoy a pickle brine nail soak, a dill seed back scrub, or a pickle juice skin peel. Mmmmm.


Benefit Cosmetics' Brow Potion No. 9 Brow Perfume

This brow perfume (how on Earth do you not get that in your eyes?) would've had "notes of vanilla, L.A. smog & Hot Cheeto dust." Nice.


Lush's Beer Bath Bomb

When Lush "introduced" this beer-flavored bath bomb, I almost thought it was real — that is, until I watched that guy literally drink his own bath water. By then, I was about ready to vomit.


Tarte Cosmetics' Icy Betch eye shadow palette

This fake "Icy Betch" palette could've been the best beauty prank ever pulled — until Tarte fans realized they actually wanted this fake palette more than Tarte's recent real palettes. Must've been a nasty wake-up call.