photo: Tata Harper/Rahua

For weeks, the Amazon forest has been on fire, with indigenous peoples' and animals' lives under attack and 20% of our planet's oxygen compromised. The once lush greenery is slowly turning to ash, and firefighters are able to only do so much. Millions of us are wondering what we can do to help stop the ravaging of this vital part of our Earth. To help, several beauty brands are stepping up by donating proceeds to saving the Amazon rainforest and its beautifully diverse wildlife and people.

Ahead, check out how you can get involved and beautify while you support the relief efforts. 

Tata Harper 

On Sunday, the brand redirected 15% of its sales to support the Rainforest Alliance.

Pacifica Beauty 

Until September 1, skin care brand Pacifica will be donating 5% of sales to nonprofit organization Amazon Conservation.

Sunday Riley 

There's no purchase necessary to support Sunday Riley's efforts. The natural skin-care brand will be matching all donations from its customers to longtime Amazon supporters such as Amazon Conservation AssociationAmazon Conservation TeamAmazon WatchRainforest Foundation U.S.Rainforest Trust, and Rainforest Action Network.

Cardea AuSet

Cardea AuSet, the plant-based skin care and wellness brand, is donating 20% of all profits from its website through September 1 to Amazon Watch, a nonprofit that partners with indigenous and environmental organizations to advocate for, protect, and preserve the Amazon’s vital ecosystems.

Rahua Beauty

The brand, which uses the Amazon's ungurahua nut oil in many of its products, has decided to donate 10% of all sales from its website to the Land Is Life organization.

Teadora Beauty 

The line, whose products are packed with heirloom Brazilian botanicals, plants a new seedling in the Amazon for every product it sells.

B3 Balm

The skin-care brand, known for its hydrating balms, curated a limited-edition "Save The Amazon" set, which includes a facial oil, lip oil, and moisturizer. 100% of all profits are going to Rainforest Trust, which works to support animals affected by the fire.

Moon Juice 

Last Friday, the brand pledged $1 of every purchase to Amazon efforts.