If you don't know by now, then please understand that beauty standards are complete bullcrap.

Every day, women are pressured to live up to the most unrealistic, unattainable standards of beauty — because looking any way other than perfect is unacceptable.

Much of the beauty industry capitalizes on insecurities by selling outrageous beauty tools — mostly marketed to women — that are supposed to make us look "perfect."

Photographer Evija Laivina wanted to showcase the extremes women often go to in the pursuit of beauty. She created a portrait photo series, called "Beauty Warriors," that highlights the often terrifying gadgets we're sold in the name of perfection.

"To be successful, you must be perfect and look perfect," Laivina wrote on her website.

"These are our society’s rules, which we all follow without even realizing how ridiculous the standards are," she continued.

She's right — and this anti-aging mask looks restricting and uncomfortable AF.

I'm shuddering at the mere thought of putting this on for any amount of time. 

And please catch the symbolism of women literally covering our faces while we work to look the way "they" prefer us to look.

These beauty tools look as scary as the societal expectations that influenced them.

Here's a gadget that is supposed to create double eyelids, which many people of Asian descent are often pressured to have.

Not-so-fun fact: Double eyelid surgery was the most popular cosmetic procedure in Korea in 2015, according to Business Insider.

And yes, a beauty object exists for straightening out the bridge of your nose.

People who buy this for "nasal beauty" are supposed to "apply to nose for approximately 15 minutes a day for desired effect," according to the product description

There are even face measurers for aligning your makeup just right.

No, this model isn't eating Pennywise's nose; it's a lip plumper.

Plastic taste included. 

The pink lip prison this model is wearing is actually a face lifter.

Anti-wrinkle mask or muzzle?

When these different beauty products are first launched, I usually make a "yikes" face and keep it moving. I must admit that they look even scarier all corralled together for these photos.

Check out the full portrait series on Evija Laivina's official site.