Most soothing beauty youtubers
photo: Instagram

Over the past one to two years, the rise of Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, also known as ASMR, has taken over YouTube. Users lob to the plethora of videos where ASMR artists whisper into a microphone telling stories, singing songs, and even doing impersonations. The purpose is to offer a sedative-like experience to the listener, putting them in a trance, and in many cases, aiding with symptoms of anxiety. The new genre, which has become a lifesaver for many, has also crossed over into the beautysphere, at least unintentionally. 

A recent Reddit thread highlighted and ranked popular YouTubers whom users feel have some of the most soothing voices of all time. Thinking about it, the idea of falling asleep to the sounds of how to create a smoky eye doesn't seem so bad. 


We can't lie, the deep base of Hindash's voice, paired with his brilliant accent, makes us melt. The Dubai MUA constantly unleashes subtle chuckles that could light up any day. And if you truly want to hear how "Caudalie" should be pronounced, all you have to do is take a listen to him. His videos should be categorized as both ASMR and beauty content. 

Alexis Brianna

Alexis is the YouTuber that started the entire list. The thread, which was kicked off with the comment, "I was watching an Alexis Brianna video and I realized I could listen to her talk to me about makeup all day," rapidly garnered tons more comments with other beauty lovers adding their input. 

Lisa Eldridge

"Lisa puts me into a pleasant makeup induced sleep at night," one Redditor wrote. Eldridge's calm voice and English accent is refreshingly soothing and effortless, resembling a voice that would be a part of the Quiet Storm radio station in the midnight hour. If you'd rather doze off to makeup tutorials rather than music, you've found your person.

Julia Adams

Adams' innocent yet sultry voice will send you into a trance, making you forget you're watching a makeup tutorial. You know how soothing the sound of raindrops on your window on a stormy night is? That's exactly how it feels to listen to this beauty babe speak. 

Michelle Phan

Her incredible makeup how-tos weren't all we missed when she was away for all those years; we also missed that voice equally as much. The fairly monotonous yet perfectly inflected voice is reminiscent of an actual angel, and we must say, as strange as it sounds, the way she says "eyelids" is next level.