Beauty YouTubers share basically their whole lives with their followers and one of the areas they do not hold back on is the beauty procedures they've experienced. We're talking good and bad. Although Instagram may lead some to believe that getting minor and major beauty procedures is a walk in the park, it's actually pretty common to have things go wrong. Many YouTubers have opened up about exactly what went wrong on their quest towards a glow-up and what they do differently now. 

Don't worry folks. We aren't the beauty police so there's no preaching or shaming anyone here. You can do whatever you choose to your body because it's yours and no one else has a say-so. Still, it's smart to learn from others' mistakes in order to have the best and least traumatic experience possible when you go do your thing. From eyelash extensions to fillers to boob jobs, we rounded up the scariest times when YouTubers got beauty procedures that went so, so wrong. 

Nikkie Tutorials revealed that she hated her first experience with lip fillers. 

“A little story you should know, the first time I got my lips done, I was so so disappointed," de Jager explained in a YouTube Q&A about her lip fillers. "I was not happy with them at all because my doctor back then, she kind of created these little flops here and I felt so self-conscious about them. I was kind of ashamed of my lips back then. Then, the search for a new doctor came to be. I had to find someone to fix my previous doctor’s mistakes.” 

Nikkie Tutorials game plan for fillers going forward is to not cheap out on the procedure. "I know it’s not cheap but I’m willing to pay for that if I know they’re going to do a really good job," she explained. "I’d rather pay 299 Euros and get perfect lips [than to] pay 60 Euros and go home like a monster.”

Jeffree Star's first experience with lip fillers left him with damage he dealt with for years.

"Almost 10 years ago I got botched by a doctor in Beverly Hills when I went to get a procedure done. He lied to me about what he was doing and years later I’m still dealing with the consequences," Star wrote in a description of a video on his YouTube channel.

"I don't regret much [but] I regret ever meeting that doctor. I regret ever going into his office and I regret ever letting him touch my face," he said during the video. "I didn’t notice anything was wrong until about a year later [after the procedure]. I discovered a few years after that that this doctor had mixed in silicone with JUVÉDERM. I never asked for that. I never knew he was doing this." 

Jeffree Star revealed this procedure left him feeling insecure and "weird." He recommends you do the proper research before going to anyone for anything whether it be tattoos, hairstyles, or plastic surgery. 

Evelina had a horrific experience with veneers. 

Getting veneers has become a popular procedure amongst beauty influencers but not everyone ends up with pearly whites and a happily ever after. Evelina had three major issues during the aftermath of her procedure.

“They [were] big. When I say big, I literally looked like a rabbit but back then, I didn’t know any better,” she said in a YouTube video. “What was the really bad part, because there are six, when I would smile like this, you could see a clear gap between the veneer and my actual teeth.” And that wasn't even close to the end of her worries.

“I’m sitting in class one day and I bite on something and one of my veneers pops off. I go in, get it glued back in, and it stays. A couple of weeks after, another veneer pops off… Could you imagine being in public, you’re talking to people, and there’s a veneer popping out of your mouth?” she shared. 

Later, she tried to use her teeth to open a bag of chips and it ripped out at the ROOT. She ended up having to see another doctor who told her that the previous guy had filed away too much of her teeth and burned her gums which caused the veneers and her teeth to fall out. 

Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesh! Thankfully, she's gotten corrective procedures since. 

Alissa Ashley's first microblading session sent her to the ER. 

The influencer actually had a decent experience during the actual microblading session. It was when she returned home and did the aftercare that things took a turn. The entire section around her eyebrows and eyeballs got extremely swollen and red to the point that she could barely see. Her hooded eyes literally turned into tiny slits. She ended up going to the ER where doctors prescribed her Benadryl and another medication to reduce the swelling and redness. 

It was determined that either the numbing cream used during the procedure or the Neosporin used to treat her brow area are what caused the allergic reaction. What made things even worse is that when the swelling did go down, she noticed that her microblading ink had faded so she didn't even get the beautiful brows she went through all that trauma to enjoy! 

Alissa Ashley did try microblading again with another professional later and have a much better experience. 

Brooklyn Love's quest for slayed eyelash extensions turned out to be a nightmare.

She disliked her experience from start to finish. 

"It hurt so bad. It hurt during the process," she said in a video. "What happened to my eyes is that the eye pad was placed too close to my lashline."  The eye pad is what technicians put on the lower lashes to hold them down while they add lash extensions to the upper lid.

She had to avoid getting water directly in her eye and the bruising went away in about four to five days. Since that terrible experience, Brooklyn Love has become a licensed eyelash technician herself. "Eyelash extensions are supposed to be pain-free and relaxing. Most of my clients fall asleep." 

Cydnee Black felt like she ruined her face forever after getting fillers in her face.

Cydnee Black started off with simple fillers in her jaw to make her face appear slimmer. Ultimately, she kept going back. During one session, the doctor suggested she add to the apples of her cheeks along with the filler she was already underneath her eyes. She ended appearing swollen which she revealed she felt "super insecure about." "It was probably one of the worst decisions I had ever made," she said. 

Jazz Nicole ended up with a boob job that left her in pain for a year.

Jazz Nicole had to have three breast surgeries in one year to correct a botched procedure. She was left with an inverted nipple, brain fog, vertigo, and joint pain. Nicole also wasn’t able to lay on her stomach, exercise, or even take deep breaths for an entire year. Even after her third breast augmentation, she woke up with a "full body rash" a few days later that made her feel like she "got bit by one thousand fire ants."

 "It would be really, really, really nice for me to have one, just one, drama-free surgery experience," she vented on YouTube.

Huda Kattan also had a horrible experience to share about her lip fillers. 

"He did four injections, literally. He put something in my lips that was like so big and [there were] basically four bulges right here," she said about injections she got years ago. "My lips were bigger but I basically had no shape to them and they were really asymmetrical. They looked really bad. I noticed kissing felt different.” 

“I noticed I didn’t have as much control over my lips. Like, I couldn’t whistle anymore, she continued. "There was just too much filer inside of my lips. I just couldn’t press them together really well.”

She was ultimately able to get her lips fixed years later by a different doctor. 

Kristen Leanne experienced painful burning after getting a chemical peel. 

She experienced discoloration, bleeding, pain, and chemical burn. Unfortunately, she also didn't notice a difference in her skin once it started to clean up. "I would hope that when you spend $400 on a peel that you would see a drastic difference and I honestly can't tell a difference at all," she said in her video. "Going through 13 days of gnarly peeling and pain on the face and the $400, I really truly don't think it was worth it." 

To be fair, a chemical peel doesn't always clear up your hyperpigmentation in one single session. It may take a few separate and consistent sessions to see a difference. This doesn't change the fact that she shouldn't have experienced so much pain after the fact.