Bella Hadid Blonde Hair
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2019 may be coming to a close, but the celebrity hair switch-ups don't seem to be slowing down. Bella Hadid is proof of that with her latest platinum change that has everyone talking. 

She looks completely different. And while the look was just temporary, it has us dreaming of blond-haired Bella. Could 2020 be the year she really takes the plunge? 

Dark hair is Bella Hadid's thing. 

Bella Hadid bob
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She's notorious for her smoldering hair color. Whether it's in long waves or a chic bob, the color looks spectacular against her olive skin and mesmerizing eyes. Her signature chocolate hair color is a fall mood all year long, and we seem to never get tired of it. 

But now she's platinum. 

She revealed the iced-out new look in a recent campaign for Alexander Wang. "ALEXANDER WANG, Collection 1, 2020 ! by @alexwangny @briannalcapozzi @haleywollens Couldn’t have asked for a better day. Love you 3," she said of the collaboration where she's donning a platinum wig, holding a white cat, and rocking an equally crisp white two-piece suit. 

The selfies were iconic. 

Bella Hadid Platinum Hair
photo: Instagram/BellaHadid

The lightly styled wig was tossed to the side, and she looked like Alexander Wang's own Storm from Marvel. On the selfies, the time stamp of November 2 proves she's kept the collaboration top-secret. We love an exclusive BTS.

She also wore the wig in a hilarious video featuring her and Wang playing Pictionary. 

"We test the artistic prowess of model (and self-proclaimed 'Picasso'), Bella Hadid," the YouTube video announced. "Let's see if Alex can guess what each of the drawings is in this Wang-themed Pictionary special!" 

Who won? You'll have to watch for yourself. 

We're in awe.

photo: Giphy

Blond hair Bella? We must say we're loving it. And while it's a wig, we're looking forward to many more platinum moments from the supermodel.