Model, actress, and entrepreneur Bella Thorne is under fire for allegedly plagiarizing the Black-owned cosmetics company Juvia's Place. Bella recently launched the brand Filthy Fangs, which sells clothing, makeup, and pot-smoking memorabilia (classic Bella!).

When the 21-year-old showed off her new "Ocean Drive" palette, Twitter users had something to say about it. Fans of Juvia instantly noticed similarities in the eyeshadow shades and packaging between the two brands. Many went in on Bella for the copycat palette and its noticeably higher pricing. To make matters worse, Bella's response to the situation was not a good look...

Bella launched a new "Ocean Drive" eyeshadow palette with her brand Filthy Fangs. 

Ohhhhhh shittt ocean drive pallet MIAMI REP????????

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The palette looks seemingly innocuous, unless you're a fan of Juvia's Place.

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Juvia's Place is a black-owned cosmetics company. They've built a rabid following for their highly-pigmented products that favor all skin tones.

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This is Juvia's "Masquerade" palette. Notice anything similar? 

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Juvia fans couldn't help but spot the similarities in packaging and shades.

People were even feeling some type of way about a white woman possibly plagiarizing a Black-owned business.

Some folks called the Filthy Fangs palette straight up "trash" and a "knock off." 

Others noticed the $50-$60 price tag that came along with it. 

For comparison, Juvia's eyeshadow palettes are $20 and excellent quality. 

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One person even thought the palette was actually from Juvia's Place.

Another Twitter user conducted a social experiment to prove the products were similar. 

Bella responded to the criticism, alleging that both companies have the same manufacturer. 

However, her second response was not so great. 

The actress even accused fans of not supporting women. 

Naturally, people just wanted Bella to acknowledge the incident without being a brat.

Plagiarizing a woman of color is never a good look but at the end of the day, Juvia's Place is doing just fine. The brand is now available at major retailers and even overseas. 

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Check out Juvia's Place at Ulta and on their website right now.