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Normally, a collaboration of this caliber would have fans freaking, but no one seems keen on this collection AT ALL.

It's partly because these are all products Benefit has been selling for years on end. Most beauty lovers have already tried or owned most of the collection.

Plus, there's the fact that the products are only travel-sized.

And these are all influencers who've had a multitude of collaborations. The people want something new.

But there's a much bigger problem going on with this collaboration — there are no Black or dark-skinned people seen here.

And it's not an isolated incident — Benefit's complexion products have historically excluded people with dark skin tones.

The inclusion of Jeffree Star, whose past has been problematic, to say the LEAST, does not help.

So, the people have spoken. Try again, Benefit.

photo: Giphy

We know you can do better.

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