If you're a retro beauty lover, you know Besamé Cosmetics. The indie makeup line's specialty is creating authentic, vintage-inspired makeup for modern pinup queens — think cake mascara with a longwear formula, and Old Hollywood compacts with the most supreme milled powder inside.   

And now, Besamé has finally restocked their most popular lipstick ever — and fans are freaking out.

This is Besamé's Wild Orchid 1952 lipstick — the brand's take on a '50s fashion classic.

Besamé's Wild Orchid lipstick ($22, Besame) is based on an actual lipstick shade from 1952. "Used in fashion ads of the time, it was a color that turned heads more than the usual red lip," the brand says. "As nail polish started to come in different shades other than the standard red, lip colors began to match as well."

Wild Orchid 1952 is a cool-toned fuchsia with a slight shimmer — and it's so popular, they can't keep it in stock.

Though this was one of the first shades brand founder Gabriela created for Besamé, it's not always in stock — much to fans' dismay. Tubes of Wild Orchid often appear on eBay for two or three times the original price, which just goes to show that people will do ANYTHING for the right lipstick.

But as of today, that wait is over. Wild Orchid has officially been restocked — and there's enough for everyone!

You can get this truly fabulous color on the Besamé Cosmetics website ($22, Besame) RIGHT THIS SECOND.

And for now, it seems like this is the ONLY place you'll be able to buy this iconic shade.

According to Facebook, the brand isn't sure if Sephora wants to carry Wild Orchid along with its other lipstick colors — but if they do, I am positive it'll be the shade that breaks the internet.

This gorgeous video shows how Wild Orchid looks on a wide range of skin tones — gotta give Besamé props for serious representation!

But if you want to get your hands on this perfect retro color, you'd better run!

Grab a tube (or two!) right now ($22, Besame) — who knows when this shade will be available again?

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