CArli Bybel Euphoria
photo: Instagram/CarliBybel

The HBO hit Euphoria has legit shifted the culture in just one short season. From teenagers to adults, nobody can seem to get enough of the drama and drug-ridden show that left us all on the edge of our seats week after week. And one of the show's biggest influences is of course Maddy, the sassy, stylish, and sensitive fly girl of the show whose makeup looks have started a national trend that continues long after the end of season one. 

So ahead, check out seven YouTubers who are just as inspired by Maddy as we are, and have made some amazing tutorials to show us.

Carli Bybel 

The beauty YouTube extraordinaire provided us with an epic eyeshadow look that was one for the ages.

"Today I am back with such a fun video!! I re-created two of my favorite looks worn by Maddy on Euphoria! What an amazing show!! I hope you guys enjoy this video!!" she wrote to fans about the video.

Seyda Erdogan

Looks like Maddy wasn't the only one getting some makeup love from this tutorial. This vlogger created looks inspired by Rue's shimmery under-eyes as well as Maddy's killer eyeliner. And of course, we can appreciate that super-vibe-y purple and pink editing that went along with the wild look.

Delaney Bender

Light blue eyes were front and center with this icy eye shadow look. The easy-to-do eye was paired with rhinestones, lots of liner, and a simple peachy lip, just like the one Maddy wears. "Hi, guys!!! How do we feel about this look inspired by Maddy on Euphoria?! I LOVE IT! This show has inspired me so much!" Bender wrote.

Desi Perkins

Euphoria was a show so influential that even Desi Perkins was inspired. The mega YouTuber opted for rhinestones in the crease rather than as liner, and the look was stunning. Finishing it all off with loads of highlighter and a neutral lip, Perkins clearly put in her vote to play Maddy next season.

Babs Beauty

This beauty babe focused on the entire face rather than just the eyes with this one. "Full Face First Impressions! Trying New Makeup Euphoria Style! I hope you guys enjoy today's fun twist on my usual glam using all new makeup!" she wrote.

I Am Kareno

"Lately I’ve been obsessed with the show Euphoria and wanted to do a few quick looks based off the characters. For this Rue look, I’m taking a body glitter gel and spreading that under my eyes for those trippy glittery tears. With this dreamy cloud look inspired by Jules, I’m taking a black eyeliner and drawing a quick graphic liner wing," this YouTuber wrote about her double tutorial.

Demi Aquino

We're suckers for a glossy lid and Aquino did it just right. "I got my creativity groove back!" the YouTuber exclaimed about how much the show had inspired her imagination. Looks like Euphoria has that effect on makeup.

So which look is your favorite? We're dying to know.