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September is here folks! That means we're officially one month closer to Halloween, and one month closer to completely transforming ourselves for the spooky occasion. And while finding the perfect costume is important — and mastering the right makeup look is a must — hair is that finishing touch that really takes costumes to the next level. 

Next up, check out the perfect dose of Halloween-inspired hairstyles that will have you ready to swim in a literal sea of hair dye, 

photo: Instagram


"I literally have like 2 months of photos to catch up on posting and it’s almost 2019 LMFAO
But here’s this fun orange & black split color I did on a lovely client wanting some Halloween themed hair. We started with BOX DYED hair as to why her bottom half is a bit warmer. All @pravana used #behindthechair#splithairgang," this stylist captioned this super-precise look. 


This one's for the ladies who want to channel their inner Tomb Raider this Halloween. "Lara Croft Braid Inspiration with a hint of neon green," this page captioned the adorable braid. 


"I love my spooky friends/clients. Especially when they want pumpkin hair for Halloween season. Some dark strands were clearly difficult to remove, however, she LOVED them! @amberzz.13 thank you for being my weirdest, most loving client and sharing your hair with me," this colorist wrote.


A little pride-inspired spider web never hurt anybody! "The back of your head.. is ridiculous @krista42 gave The Queen of Halloween @rianimal_ this amazing design and some @pulpriothair rainbow to go along with it," this photo read. 


This gorgeous green ombre color is not Frankenstein-y at all, but it is perfect for a late night haunting. It's appropriately called Phantom Green and the stylist's list of hashtags sums it up perfectly: 

#balayageombre #matrixvlights #ArcticFox #PhantomGreen #ManicPanic #HalloweenHair #FallHair #HairByMARIALEON #ChelseaLovesSalon


In case you were looking for spooked-out hair accessories, look no further. These creative skeleton hand clips paired with deep green hair are sooo Halloween. 


Pravana has a winner with this one. "This hair is giving me Glow Stick vibes!!" this stylist exclaimed. "@seaofpercabeth with the half and half hair again! I used @pravana Vivids and @brazilianbondbuilder to protect." 


These several cornrows with hues of orange, purple, and white are so spooky but so, so chic.


What do you do when your orange ombre is fading? Make a pumpkin! Or a peach depending on how you look at it. "You're a peach. Did this fun bun when I was fading out my orange ombre! Was feeling peachy," this creative beauty girl wrote.

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