When we think about Hot Topic, serious nostalgia takes over. It was the store we flocked to in high school with our friends to check out grunge T-shirts and try on wild accessories — are you getting the feels yet? And we'd be remiss if we didn't mention the brand's vibrant makeup. Like, come on, Hot Topic basically created the black lipstick trend.

And in the spirit of HT's particular brand of beauty, we've nabbed the best four eye shadow palettes that Hot Topic has to offer. They're vibrant, super-pigmented, and widely loved. Whether you're more into goth makeup or much prefer pastels, you'll want one of these creations in your kit.

Blackheart Beauty Interstellar Eye Shadow Palette ($9, Hot Topic)

Natural eye makeup can get boring, but this palette changes all that. Make a serious statement with a bold eye when you use the Interstellar eye shadow palette from Blackheart Beauty, HT's in-house beauty brand. This 12-shade palette will have you traveling through space with its shimmery tones inspired by galaxies both familiar and foreign. 

It features a punchy cobalt blue (Universe), a dynamic magenta (Nebula), a vivid purple (Milkyway), and more vibrant colors that will become staples in your eye shadow arsenal. This festive palette comes in a trendy galaxy print cardboard case with a double-sided angle brush and sponge applicator.

Clueless Totally Buggin' Eye Shadow Palette ($17, Hot Topic)

You don't need us to tell you that you're "a total Betty," this Totally Buggin' eye shadow palette will tell you that! Featuring 12 shades of Clueless-inspired shades with six matte and six shimmer shades with names such as Oops!, Fashion Victim, and Ugh, As If. 
The notebook-styled palette comes with an eye shadow brush with a marabou puff on one end, inspired by Cher's totally cute go-to pen from the film. You'll be the envy of all your friends with this flirty-yet-feisty 12-shade palette. 

Tokidoki Spooky Eye Shadow Palette ($12, Hot Topic)

Halloween is a year-round holiday, are we right? Making such a spooky yet adorably cute product is a classic Tokidoki move. Be bold with the shimmery shades or keep it casual with the neutral matte shades. 

This palette opens up like a book to nine appropriately titled shades: Skeleton, Corpse, Eerie, Pumpkin Pie, Trick, Wicked, Eek!, Treat, and Zombie. The interior has a pop-up bat, mirror, and even includes a brush! This Tokidoki palette is a must-have for any spooky makeup lover's collection.

Supernatural Monster Guide Eye Shadow Palette ($15, Hot Topic)

Dragons and werewolves and skinwalkers, oh my! Monsters, demons, and other creatures are represented in this 13 color eyeshadow palette inspired by Supernatural. Take your look from day job to hunter with colors like the punchy red Abaddon, sparkly purple Phoenix, and silvery, glittery Ghouls. Don't forget to smoke out your look with deep crimson Vampire, sparkly black Vetala, and blackest night Jefferson Starships. 

The faux-leather accented palette includes a brush and mirror donned with the iconic phrase, "Vampires, we kill the ones that sparkle for free." This is giving us super Urban Decay dupe vibes.