photo: Instagram/ChaunLegend

If we're being honest, Kylie Jenner changes her nails like she changes clothes. And frankly, we see nothing wrong with that. The newly single socialite, who is never seen without a fresh mani, has been spotted with French manicures, larger-than-life rhinestones, and glitter galore. She loves a long square shape and lots of color. Her nails, most of which are created by celebrity nail master Chaun Legend, have been the source of inspiration for mani enthusiasts everywhere. 

And while there are probably too many nail looks to count, here are just a few of our faves.

Rhinestone Heart

You've probably caught this adorable two-finger heart on your timeline. The look has inspired thousands of other nail enthusiasts to try the creative trend. 

Deep-Arch French

We all know that French manicures are making a comeback, so much so that Jenner hit the red carpet with the look! 

Pink Drip

Since Kylie is always dripping in style, her nails should be too! 

Lip Kit

With the notorious success of the Kylie Lip Kit and Chaun's incredible talent, it's only right that the two combined!

Pink Butterfly

Jenner has been known to have a thing for butterflies, and she proved that with this adorable pink-on-pink style. 

Cotton Candy

She started a trend with this one! The pastel look was the style of the summer that nobody could get enough of! 

Yellow Claw

Sometimes a simple yellow is all it takes. Jenner proved it here with her signature square style.

Neon Pink Ombré

If we had to guess what Jenner's favorite color is, we'd have to guess pink. Because, what else would it be?

Pink Chrome

Pink again! This time, it's topped with chrome powder for an ultra-mesmerizing effect. 

Leopard French

Jenner ended the year with this ferocious mani that everyone is loving. 


All emerald everything was Jenner's motto for her family's epic Christmas party.