Beyoncé Lion King premiere
photo: Getty Images

When Tina Lawson, hairstylist extraordinaire and mother of superstar Beyoncé, posted a video a few weeks back of her daughter's natural hair, fans were amazed at its health and length. In reaction, social media began to question why the celeb doesn't flaunt her real hair more often. 

But it looks like the Instagram video may have been a teaser of a new era of Bey because last night, the Lion King star walked the red carpet with her natural locks styled in protective cornrows with a twist, and fans can't get over it. The look is guaranteed to be the new go-to style of the summer, and social media can't get enough.

The upcoming Lion King movie release has been getting quite a bit of buzz. 

And while we're all so excited to see the CGI remake of the film that transformed all of our childhoods, what'll be driving most fans to theaters across the country on July 19 will be Beyoncé's appearance as Nala. Since the casting's announcement months ago, the Beyhive has been losing their minds over the star's involvement with the highly anticipated Disney film. 

And last night when she hit the red carpet at the movie premiere, people were astounded. 

In Alexander McQueen couture with daughter Blue Ivy by her side, the movie's true star walked the star-studded carpet looking like a dream. The dress, the makeup, the hair... it was all exactly what we expected from the never-disappointing fashion and beauty icon. 

But her hair is getting the most attention. 

Not only was she wearing cornrows, but they were braided in a finger-wave formation. After already stunning with her outfit and makeup, the details in the hair set it all off. Fans almost couldn't believe what they were witnessing. 

"Wow .... i am speechless. Then i zoom in on the hair .... braided finger waves???!!!!!?????!!!!!" a stan exclaimed on Twitter. 

Has she started a new trend?

"There goes the new braids everybody about to run out and get," someone commented under the singer's photo, which now has over 2 million likes, and Twitter agrees. 

"Beyoncé said fingers waves but make them cornrows - does she understand the implications of this?" a fan wrote.

The style is genius. 

The premiere, a true celebration of African roots with tribal clothing and natural hair on full display, was the perfect place for the star's culturally on-brand style. 

"Beyoncé has finger wave cornrows and I still haven’t processed this because I’m tryna figure out how this is possible #TheLionKing," someone tweeted in awe of the look. 

And it reminded us of another famous celebrity. 

With full-on braided baby hair, the style looked so much like something Josephine Baker would rock if she were alive today. Because we all know finger waves and decorative baby hair was her thing. 

"Beyonce paid homage to Josephine Baker on the red carpet. I stan," a fan wrote about the look. 

We're expecting this to be the hottest new protective style of summer. 

"The power that has, the intelligence that has, the clearance that that has, the access that that has, the influence that that has, the profile that that has, the international implications that that has," a hilarious meme read, referring to the braids. 

So what do you think? Would you rock the style, or should we leave it on the red carpet?