Shailene Woodley big little lies
photo: HBO

If you're a Big Little Lies fan, we're almost positive that you tuned in last night and were at the edge of your seat. Viewers sat in awe of queen Meryl Streep's acting, sympathized with Bonnie's inability to cope, and questioned what the deal was with Jane's (Shailene Woodley) new bangs. 

And all while doing so, we were checking the #BigLittleLies hashtag on Twitter, interacting with other viewers. So if you were watching your feed, we can almost guarantee that the obsession with Meryl Streep was neck-and-neck with Woodley's new 'do.

Social media hasn't stopped talking about it, and not for the reason you'd think.

When Big Little Lies returned last night, the first thing we noticed was Shailene Woodley's new bangs. 

And not necessarily in a positive way. She revealed some very thick, very blunt bangs that kind of resembled the style we all created on our dolls when we got a little scissor happy as kids. However, given that Jane endured so much in season one, we're assuming that the perfectly executed show, where nothing is ever a coincidence, must be sending a strong message with the new hairstyle.

Twitter noticed too, and it's all people have been talking about. 

Some joked that the style was "offensive." 

"The most offensive part of the narrative of Big Little Lies season 2 so far is the hairstyle they gave Shailene Woodley. It triggered my PTSD from Courteney Cox’s bangs in Scream 3. The only people that can pull off blunt baby bangs are toddlers and Dora the Explorer," someone said, comparing them to the Nickelodeon cartoon character's hairstyle. 

But as mentioned, she has a lot to cope with.

From the grim discovery of who Ziggy's father is to coping with the terms of his death, there's no doubt that Jane could certainly use a change of pace. 

"The most relatable part of Big Little Lies so far is that Shailene Woodley's character got bangs to help cope with everything that happened in season 1," a viewer said.

But other people are not having it. 

We're not sure how much control Woodley has over her look, but unless the bangs are playing a role in the development of her character, maybe we can make a slight adjustment to the shagged ’do. 

"Someone needs to sit down with shailene woodley and give her an honest talking to about those bangs," someone said. 

It took no time for people to notice. 

From her opening scene with Ziggy, the new look was quite noticeable. We're pretty sure most people had to do a double take. We sure did. 

"I’m five minutes into #BigLittleLiesSeason2 and I have stopped streaming it to ask: [Redacted] did they do to Shailene Woodley’s hair? That wig with bangs isn’t flattering on her," someone said. 

The entire episode left us with questions.

"Couple q’s following #bigLittleLies 1. Where can i get Bonnie’s sweater and jeans combo 2. What did shailene do to deserve those bangs 3. I guess they’ve sold me on that Buick suv? 4. was it coincidental Adam Scott was right next to the watermelons in that grocery store scene," a very attentive viewer asked. 

Is it true? Do white women mark a change in their lives with new bangs? 

According to this woman who consulted her friend, it is.

"OMG JANE HAS BANGS NOW???? My white girl friends tell me this is a cry for help. Feeling nervous for shailene’s character," someone hilariously tweeted. 

And while the verdict is still out on what Jane will be going through this season, we're sure it's something major.