You what has never made any dang sense? Advertisements for women's razors. And when I say that, you know exactly why — there's never any hair to remove in them. And there's a very silly reason for that: society is so ashamed of women's body hair that we aren't allow to have any body hair at any time... even in a demo for a product that removes said hair.

There's one brave brand that's trying to change that, one epic commercial at a time.

Billie, an indie women's razor subscription service, just debuted a new ad campaign called Project Body Hair. It's intense in the best way.

It's probably the first-ever women's hair removal commercial that... you know... SHOWS HAIR.

And I'm not talking just your run-of-the-mill leg hair — although that's in there, of course.

Billie proudly showcases all of the areas women can have body hair.

Legs, armpits, bikini lines, eyebrows, even toes. Billie fucking gets it.

And thank god, because what individuals do with their own body hair is only their business at the end of the day — but they should never be expected to pretend it never existed in the first place.

Learn more about Billie and its products on its website, and watch the entire Project Body Hair commercial below.

Honestly, sign me the hell up.