Billie Eilish new hair color
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Celebrities rarely ever keep their hair the same, especially singer Billie Eilish. The exceptionally unique teenager changes hair colors like she changes clothes, and each and every time we're just as excited. And just when we thought it was time for another vibrant color ahead of the holidays, she switched things up, and everyone is shook. 

Looks like she's trying something a little more simple this time. 

Billie Eilish surely doesn't shy away from extreme hair color. 

It's not every day that we see a celebrity with neon green roots. And while we'd expect nothing less from the 17-year-old alternative star, there are a few times when we've been speechless by her beauty choices. One of those moments is right now, and here's why. 

She's trying something much more understated.

Revealing her new video for her hit song "Xanny" on Instagram, there was no neon in sight. In fact, it was something much more unpredictable: brunette. To top it all off, she revealed the color wearing a conservative cream turtleneck. We almost couldn't even recognize her! "New hair who dis," one adoring fan commented under the post. 

Let's take a look at the colors she's donned. 

There was that midnight blue with hints of silver and gray that was equally as mysterious as Eilish. Plus, it made her eyes pop like nothing we'd ever seen. Fans everywhere tried to emulate the exact same look, with teenagers far and wide feeling blue. 

And who could forget the iced-out hue?

Watch out, Kylie Jenner, because Billie Eilish slayed that blue. Not only was the color to-die-for, but it was also insanely dimensional, and her hair somehow still appeared super healthy. Not many celebrities can say that when it comes to dying their real hair. 

But still, this brunette gets our vote. 

photo: Giphy

It's something about the brunette that makes Eilish so striking. We're hoping that this color stays around for a while –– or at least through the winter.