photo: Ryan Kelly MUA

For the past few weeks, we've both laughed and shook our heads at the many people attempting the Bird Box Challenge. Some have ran their children into walls, while others have walked into traffic all for the sake of social media fame. Well, now there's another Bird Box Challenge, and luckily, this one is a lot less dangerous. Makeup artists everywhere are now using their skills to create Bird Box–inspired masterpieces on their face. And as wild as it is, it's really impressive. 

Check it out. 


Mimi Choi

photo: Instagram/Mimi Choi

Remember that scene where the birds were put in the fridge? Well, Choi completely channeled that moment with this jaw-dropping look. 


Nikkie Tutorials

photo: Instagram/Nikkie Tutorials

We should have known that the queen of drama would be one to tap into her inner bird. Not quite our style but this sh*t is impressive.


Pah Lah MUA 

photo: Instagram/Pah Lah MUA

We're still having a hard time figuring out how she created such a masterpiece on the side of her face. 


Ryan Kelly MUA

photo: Instagram/Ryan Kelly MUA

Forget not being able to see. How is one able to speak, eat, anything with this work of art on their mouths?


Meli Avila

photo: Instagram/Meli Avila

This look is so vibrant, we almost forgot how dark the movie was. Parrots anyone?


Francie MUA

photo: Instagram/Francie MUA

Go big or go home. This MUA decorated essentially her entire upper body to achieve this look. 


Anna Antkowiak

photo: Instagram/Anna Antkowiak

Do you dare to look? Well, she did and the results were magical.


Ruby Media Makeup

photo: Instagram/Ruby Media Makeup

This is the type of extra AF energy we're aspiring to in 2019. I mean, she even had some extra hands.


Richard Leo

photo: Instagram/Richard Leo

The beauty boys came to slay the Bird Box Challenge. This look is so simple yet so extravagant.


Krista Carosi

photo: Instagram/Krista Carosi

Half bird, half human trying to survive a deadly plague. That's certainly a lot to take on at once. 


Maybe It's Mel

photo: Instagram/Maybe It's Mel

When hundreds of thousands people are dying simultaneously, black is an appropriate color. Wouldn't you agree?


Jharna Bhagwani

photo: Instagram/Jharna Bhagwani

A birdcage, blindfold, and color contacts are all this artist needed to bring her vision to life. 


Molly Janet Hanna

photo: Instagram/Molly Janet Hanna

Creativity on 1,000. If it wasn't for the birds and teardrop, we'd rock this look in real life. 


Ansherina Legaspi

photo: Instagram/Ansherina Legaspi

Parrots seem to be the winner of the Bird Box Challenge. How these artists have done it so flawlessly, we have no clue.