Bite Beauty Complexion Line
photo: Courtesy of Bite Beauty

The winter already does a number on our skin, and applying foundation often makes those woes even worse. Not only do we have to double the amount of moisturizer we apply, but we also have to search high and low for a foundation that provides coverage without stripping our natural oils. Well, we don't have to look very far anymore because Bite Beauty, the brand known for delivering kissable lips, just dropped a foundation that focuses on hydration. 

Could this be the answer to our prayers? 

Bite Beauty is all about the lips, but now they're venturing into the complexion world. 

And because any product the brand has made has focused on hydration, this launch is no different. "Are you ready to #CleanUpYourComplexion," the brand asked, captioning its exciting new drop. "Our NEW clean, vegan, longwear Changemaker Supercharged Micellar Foundation comes in a skin-loving 32 shades."

Yep, you read that right. It's packed with micellar for moisture rarely ever seen from foundation. 

According to Bite, the foundation is "SO SMOOTH: The flawless, skin-like finish you want—kiss cakey goodbye. FEELING GOOD: We’re all about comfortable wear (AKA feels fresh, not dry). MADE FOR YOU: Works with all skin types & you’ll feel good about the clean, gentle, supercharged ingredients, and LASTS ALL DAY: We’re talking high-performance, can’t-stop-won’t-stop wear."

But that's not all Bite has for us.

The brand is dropping not one but two new primers, a pressed powder, and of course, it couldn't stay away from transforming our lips, so there are new lippies, too! All formulas are still clean as ever, proving that an all-natural makeup routine really is possible. 

So try it for yourself! 

Bite Beauty Changemaker Supercharged Micellar Foundation ($40, Sephora) is about to completely change the way dry skin sufferers view foundation. Say goodbye to the days where wearing makeup meant skin rehabilitation for the days following. 

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Bite Beauty Changemaker Flexible Coverage Pressed Powder ($36, Sephora)

This clean, talc-free powder made with finely milled volcanic minerals, blurs, mattifies, and touches up on the go. Layer it with the Supercharged Micellar Foundation and prepare to unlock your best makeup-draped skin ever. 

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