photo: Instagram/Whitenicious

Colorism has long been a problem plaguing the black community — largely because of the anti-blackness that plagues the world. In the past few decades, skin bleaching, particularly in the Caribbean and in African countries, has risen rampantly.

Well now, we have America's sweetheart, Blac Chyna, to thank for further perpetuating the views that light skin is superior to dark. Teaming up with a brand appropriately named "Whitenicious" for a skin-bleaching cream, she's come under fire once again. While not all of Chyna's decisions have been particularly good, this one is outright disgusting. 

Black women: We deserve better. 

We in no way hold the judgment of Blac Chyna in high regard, but she's reached a new low even for her. 

photo: Instagram/Whitenicious

In a rather bizarre turn of events, from a wild ass year for the mother/socialite, she's now selling skin-bleaching cream.

photo: Instagram/Blac Chyna

She has traveled all the way to Nigeria to spread her message of self-hatred: "You're black, sure, but are you too black?" 

photo: Instagram/Blac Chyna

The skin-bleaching cream, which is dipped in gold, has received quite the elaborate rollout. 

They even gave it a fancy container to make it seem less awful.

photo: Instagram/Whitenicious

Sheesh thanks. 

Whitenicious, based in Africa, has long been a proponent of telling black people that their skin tone is too dark. Selling face and body creams, as well as lip-lightener, it's a whole sh*tshow, basically.  

photo: Instagram/Whitenicious

Around for years, the brand takes to its Instagram page to boast before and after photos of people two to three shades lighter after using its products. 

photo: Instagram/Whitenicious


Even Joe Jackson promoted the product before his demise, so clearly the company's pool of partners is quite dynamic. 

photo: Instagram/Whitenicious

Well add the ever fantastic Blac Chyna to that list. 

Teaming up with Nigerian superstar Dencia, founder of the brand and fellow anti-black, the two drew hundreds in Lagos, Nigeria, to promote the product.

Chyna, in turn, has turned off comments for the advertisement on Instagram and her mother, who is equally as problematic, came swiftly to her defense. 

photo: Instagram/Whitenicious

I guess not everyone can be a Micelle Obama or Angela Davis.

So Chyna, just when we thought having a baby out of spite and dating a damn near pre-pubescent teen was enough, you've shown us that you have the ability to stoop even lower. 

photo: Instagram/Blac Chyna

Such an icon. 

Dencia, the "business partner," also took to her Instagram to defend the product in a caption that will surely make you want to vomit. In it, she claims that Whitenicious is not a bleaching cream. 

photo: Instagram/Dencia

"Are u tired of your people looking like roasted plantains? Say no more, let @whitenicious help you ???? STOP USING BLEACHING CREAMS,SAY NO TO BLEACHING ????‍♀️SOMEONE BAN THESE HORRIBLE PRODUCTS messing up people’s skin ????????btw a lot of people also suffer from hyperpigmentation like this without bleaching, some people have it naturally and @whitenicious will also fix that. Come to us ???????? Get the knuckle eraser set"

Whew chile... The self-hate. 

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Look, we don't expect Chyna to be a saint, but with a platform so large it's a shame that she's  chosen to use it to promote something so detrimental. Bleaching cream sends a horrific message to people of color, but it also reinforces the message to racists that "there is something inherently wrong with dark skin."

Maybe she should take some notes from her ex-friend Amber Rose, who's created a massive march to celebrate the liberation of female sexuality. Literally, anything but this.