photo: Instagram/BoxyCharm

Beauty subscription services have become the go-to for beauty lovers who can't seem to make up their mind or just love to try it all. BoxyCharm is one of those services, making the lives of subscribers easier with perfectly-curated boxes that boast some of the best beauty products. 

Well, BoxyCharm has a sale coming and 80% off is exactly what you can find. However, there's a tiny but very important catch. See what it is for yourself. 

Something big is coming. 

And that something is 80% off some of your favorite beauty products. You'll be able to access hundreds of beauty, lifestyle, and fashion brands at remarkably-slashed prices. Buying for others this holiday season — or yourself — just became an experience that you can't afford to pass up. 

But like many major sales, there's a small catch. 

You have to be a charmer. And no, I don't mean someone who can bat those eyelashes and get exactly what they want. I mean someone with a BoxyCharm membership. 

You have until November 12th to sign up and reap the benefits. 

Starting November 12th, BoxyCharm subscribers will have access to the discounted products until everything runs out.

It's a decision your pockets, skin, body, and hair, will thank you for. 

Top brands included in this pop up sale include Benefit Cosmetics, Becca Cosmetics, Glam Glow, Luxie, Hum Nutrition, and MAC just to name a few. And even better, those aren't even a fraction of the brands that Boxy Charm has on its website available to buyers. 

Is anything really better than this?

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So this is what a kid in the candy store feels like, huh? The world (beauty world, that is) on your fingertips and all at one low price. BoxyCharm, you're dangerous.