glamlite pizza palette look
photo: Instagram/glamlite

Anybody hungry for more food-inspired makeup?

The beauty community collectively lost its mind when Glamlite Cosmetics released its Pizza Palette ($40, Glamlite Cosmetics). The theme and packaging offered a quirky yet super-fun concept for eye shadow and a welcome break from the many neutral palettes currently oversaturating the market. We honestly hadn't seen a palette that fresh and fun since the Box of Crayons Palette ($30, The Crayon Case).

Now the brand is giving us more food for our beauty counters!

The famous Pizza Palette ($40, Glamlite Cosmetics) had us all ready to bring more pie-inspired looks to the table.

This palette came with 18 eye shadows, all named after the many pizza toppings including Red Onions (shimmery purple), Basil (matte green), and Hot Sauce (bright orange-red). Fans could not stop flipping out over this pizza pie beauty surprise! The palette flew off of the Glamlite Cosmetics' e-racks. Pizza-themed eye shadow looks began popping up all over Instagram.

The coolest part about the Pizza Palette were the bold eye art that beauty fans created with it.

The palette may be pizza-themed, but it has a diverse enough color range that beauty lovers can create everyday looks as well as bolder eye art. There were so many eye-catching looks that included the bold blue and red shades in the palette. Still, beauty fans were able to create warm, smoky eye shadow looks that could be worn to work or on a chill day. The possibilities are endless!

Glamlite Cosmetics even added pizza-themed lashes to really top off the Pizza Palette eye shadow looks.

Pizza palette fans ate up the theme so well that Glamlite Cosmetics couldn't help but follow up with cool lashes to match! The brand offered a Glamlash collection ($12, Glamlite Cosmetics) named after the most popular pizzas. The lash options are inspired by the Brooklyn, Hawaiian, Chicago Deep Dish, Margherita, and Sicilian pizza styles. Whatever you have a taste for is definitely in this lineup.

Now Glamlite Cosmetics is adding The Burger Palette to its menu selection!

"The world's first burger palette is fresh off the grill," the brand announced on Instagram.

"This mouthwatering gourmet burger includes 16 of America's most delicious toppings such as ketchup, mustard, lettuce, tomato, pickles, avocado, bacon, and a variety of cheeses!" 

Based on this description, we can expect a mix of yellows, reds, and greens with a few neutrals throw into the mix.

Similar to its Pizza Palette rollout, the brand created a playful video teaser that will make your mouth water just like a real fast-food commercial.

The commercial begins with a burger being flipped on the grill. Then we see the many toppings being added. By the time you get to the burger receiving its final top bun, I'm sure all you can think about is making your next Shake Shack or In-N-Out run. Clearly, Glamlite Cosmetics meant to tease our tastebuds into insanity. 

As it goes with all beauty product releases, there are a few critics who think the burger theme is too much.

"I’m not really a fan of these kinds of palettes. I like my dressing table to look pretty and this would not help," one fan wrote. 

"'We want a pizza and a burger shaped palette,' said no one ever," another fan quipped. One commenter seemingly just wants the food-shaped palettes to "stop." 

Welp! You can't win 'em all.

Meanwhile, actual Glamlite Cosmetics fans are stoked for this new Burger Palette.

The people have spoken! This Burger Palette is a go! 

"Burgers and makeup? Count me in," one fan commented. Another fan wrote, "Burgers are my fave so I'd actually like to try this." 

If the Burger Palette isn't exciting enough, the brand also buried another major announcement in its Instagram caption.

"And that's not it! We're launching an entire epic collection like you've never seen before inspired by America's favorite fast foods!" 

Hmmm. The suspense is definitely making me imagine every food-inspired possibility. Call me weird, but I'm needing condiment-themed blushes, loose glitter pigments with packaging inspired by soda pop, and milkshake-themed anything. Let's hope Glamlite Cosmetics takes this fast-food-and-makeup mashup business all the way!

There is no word on when we'll be able to finally get that Burger Palette on our plates.

Glamlite Cosmetics only revealed that the Burger Palette will be available for "Spring 2019" which means it could hit the web any day now. You'll be able to set your beauty table with this palette soon enough! We also do not know if the brand will release the Burger Palette alone and follow it up with more fast-food products or if the palette will be part of an entire collection. 

If the Burger Palette is your jam, then be on the lookout for the release date. 

At the end of the day, this playful makeup style is all about preference. If you're not hungry for a Burger Palette to add to your collection, then pass on this and wait for something you like. If this cool product release is your flavor, then you're in for a lot of burger-themed fun. 

Stay tuned for more details!