Camila Mendes is arguably one of the most adorable Hollywood stars out there right now. 

The actress and beauty icon, who plays Veronica Lodge, melts our hearts every week in the hit CW series Riverdale. Known for her babydoll-chic appeal, the luscious brunette is never spotted without radiant skin and her healthy long brown hair. 

But baby has gone blonde! Well, kind of.

In an Instagram story captioned "Hey Y'all," on July 29, the actress showed off a platinum blonde wig that made her almost unrecognizable on the set of the upcoming fourth season of Riverdale. Fans will remember Ronnie donning a blonde wig similar to this during a scam to help Archie escape juvie in season three — but her look was mostly shrouded by a head scarf and sunglasses. This is the first real look we've gotten at faux-blonde Cami.

The blonde clearly made Mendes feel like a new woman. 

She struck a fierce pose once again, showing off the blonde unit and captioning the selfie "That's Right Y'all." So maybe it is true, maybe blondes really do have more fun. As much as we're loving the new platinum look on Mendes, we think we prefer the beauty dark-haired, or at least without such a thick wig. 

Stay tuned to the upcoming season of Riverdale to see if the blonde wig makes an appearance. Is Veronica going incognito with Reggie once again?