Cara Delevingne eyebrows
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On Saturday, Cara Delevingne hopped on Twitter to share with her followers that she was on her way to "do something incredibly exciting." 

What that "something" was remained a mystery, but it was clear Cara was eager about her upcoming adventure. 

Cara claps back
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"And I am very nervous," she added.

But as always, internet trolls had to turn seemingly positive news into something negative.  A self-described "media personality" named Brad slammed Cara for not having a "real" job.

And then he took a jab at her iconic eyebrows.

Brad insults Cara on Twitter
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Brad told Cara that he hoped she was on her way to "an interview for a real job," implying that Cara — an incredibly successful actress and former model — hasn't maintained a "real" career throughout the years. 

To add insult to injury, Brad also suggested that Cara doesn't work for the money she somehow earns (...apparently she just walks around absentmindedly with her bold eyebrows and calls it a day?).

Rather than let Brad's trollish ways slide, Cara put the hater in his place.

Cara Delevingne
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"Grow up and look at the bigger picture," Cara snapped. "Maybe try read a book or do something actually worthwhile." She tweeted Brad a photo of the Virginie Despentes book, "King Kong Theory" — a novel that "explodes common attitudes about sex and gender" and also serves as a weapon to use against Twitter trolls. 

But Brad wouldn't quit.

Cara Twitter war
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"Stop being rude, Cara. I am just giving you career advice to help you succeed," Brad mansplained. "Maybe listen to it. Might get you somewhere."

The conversation spiraled into an epic back-and-forth argument between Cara and Brad.

Cara and Brad Twitter fight
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Brad kept trying to give Cara unsolicited advice (...bro, nobody cares who you are), and Cara kept schooling the D-list Twitter personality. 

Cara stepped in for the final drag...

Cara drag Twitter
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Cara insult fight
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...which fired Brad back up.

Brad Cara Twitter fight
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But Cara was ready to one-up the troll once again.

Yet another man "trying to tear down a woman for being successful" — Cara told it like it was. 

Cara refused to let her haters steal her shine.

Cara Twitter troll
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"I have flown 10 hours and am not even halfway to what will be the most incredible experience of my life," Cara informed her followers, ignoring Brad.

And word to Brad: It turns out Cara *does* have a "real job," and a really important one at that.

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She works with Girl Up, a U.N. campaign that creates opportunities for girls in developing countries.

When she posted her original tweet, Cara was on her way to meet with a group of young South Sudanese refugees.

Cara Uganda
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That's right. While Brad sat behind his computer screen trolling celebrities, Cara was working as an educational advocate.

Cara volunteering
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Her program wants to ensure that refugee children receive schooling.

Cara reminded her followers about what's *actually* important — and successfully shut down an ignorant troll in the process.

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Not bad for someone who only know how to cash in on her brows, huh?